Finally Using Our Spring Raincoats This Summer

Every April I get new raincoats for the kids, and sometimes for Husband anid me. It rains so much in the UK that it’s essential to have light and waterproof rain gear. Unless you stay home every time it rains. But I don’t think that’s feasible. And it’s certainly a very boring way to live.

We all have Regatta winter coats (and love them), so we were eager to try out their lighter gear.  The only issue is that since we received our jackets in April, there has been a record low of rain. And no rain means no need for a raincoat. We wore our jackets four or five times this spring, but only on the school run. So we were actually a bit relieved this weekend to get some rain and wear our new coats on an outing. So off to Kew Gardens we went (and ate our picnic as we walked around).

I’v gotten a lot of comments on my raincoat, so I should probably start there. I normally wear quite bright coats (and Regatta have lots of bright and muted colours to choose from). This time I chose a tan coat as I wanted to try something more classic. And although I liked it, I found it more plain than expected. So I added a few random brooches to it. As my family can attest, I can’t resist visiting charity shops in search of yet another brooch. So I had plenty to add to my raincoat. And I love how rain just beads on my jacket as I stay nice and dry underneath.

Moozles is ten, and at the age where she doesn’t want to wear anything too girly or too babyish. Her hot pink/island green jacket is cool and keeps her totally dry. Her and Dubz both have really lightweight jackets that pack away small (great for putting in the school bag in case it rains). Dubz has a lime and black jacket, which is comfortable for his various climbing and jumping needs. Both jackets are reflective which is great in the evenings.

As for Husband, he had been wearing his cycling jacket at the weekends, and I was sick of it. I somehow have become the one who buys 95% of his clothes and shoes, so I knew it would be up to me to get him a new coat. His new grey jacket is waterproof but still looks a bit smart. Perfect for his weekend and holiday outfits as he is quite a casual dresser.

If you’re not familiar with Regatta, they are known for their quality outerwear. All of our spring jackets are now on sale, and would be perfect for this autumn (or then you can wear them next spring/summer). My raincoat is no longer available, but have a look at the women’s waterproof jackets, there are so many lovely things. And take advantage of the sales while you can.



We were sent raincoats for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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