Finding Dory at Specsavers

Finding Dory at SpecSavers

Last weekend, Specsavers invited us to a special preview of Finding Dory at the Disney HQ. Not only did we get to watch the film, but we got to see the fab new range of Finding Dory glasses. Regular readers will know that my eight-year old, Moozles, got reading glasses last month after her first visit to the optometrist. What I didn’t know is that children should have regular eyesight tests before the age of eight. Specsavers recommends starting from the age of three or four. That way, if your child has a squint or lazy eye, it can be corrected.

Specsavers is working with Thomson Screening to offer primary and secondary schools free vision screenings. They use the SchoolScreenerEZ software to perform a three-minute sight test. As we all know, not being able to see properly can have negative effects. It is tough enough for an adult, but especially detrimental as a child when there is so much to see and learn. Especially when it could be fixed with such a simple thing as an eye exam.

Imagine going to the cinema and not being able to watch a film. My family and I loved Finding Dory. We were already big fans of Finding Nemo, and the sequel was very sweet. We followed Dory, Nemo and Nemo’s dad on a quest to finding Dory’s parents. I won’t ruin the ending of the film, but there was action, laughter and tears. Finding Dory is out in the UK on the 29th July 2016, and is a wonderful heart-warming adventure.

The Finding Dory glasses are priced at £64 but are free for children with an NHS optical voucher. Specsavers also give children a second pair of glasses for free. I wish we had gone to Specsavers because my daughter only has one pair of glasses and I am always worrying that her brother will break them (Dubz loves wearing Moozles’ glasses). Specsavers recommends eye tests every two years so we will definitely go there next time. And as Dubz is four, I will be taking him for his first test very soon.

Finding Dory at SpecSavers Finding Dory at SpecSavers Finding Dory at SpecSavers


Specsavers invited us to watch Finding Dory for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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