Finishing My Christmas Shopping

Finishing My Christmas Shopping

A minute ago I was complaining about Christmas decorations out in October. But now, it is only two and a half weeks until Christmas. Eek! If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even bought half of your Christmas gifts yet. But worry not, because we will not be shopping on Christmas Eve in a blind panic (again!). This week we’re going to buy the remaining gifts and then we can spend next week eating baking cookies. Are you with me?!

Here’s a Christmas guide that will help with the rest of your Christmas shopping too.

Finishing My Christmas ShoppingMinions Domino Run (£7) – Perfect for any Minion lovers out there. If you have a child between the ages of 5-12 in your family, then this would make a fab gift. But let’s face it, many of the adults will be dying to ‘help’ the kids set up the domino run. Not only is it a fun activity, but it is one the whole family can get involved in.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingMy Fairy Musical Box (£7) – Not only does every little child love a box in which to put in their treasures, but a musical box is always a winner. My seven-year old daughter has a similar box and my three-year old son is so jealous of it. This fairy musical box would make his day (if only they made Darth Vader music boxes!!).


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingStar Wars 2016 Calendar (£6) – Have I mentioned that my son adores the Star Wars films? Although he is too young for a calendar, this would make a great gift for an older fan of the franchise. The newest film, The Force Awakens, is out on the 17th December, so this would make a timely present.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingDeluxe Board Game Set (£14.99) – A lovely wooden set for chess, draughts and backgammon. Perfect for your games-loving cousin or uncle//a. And it could add to your Christmas party if it gets a bit dull. Who doesn’t love a lively game of backgammon?!


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingFather Christmas Comes Up Trumps! (£1.99) – We already have Father Christmas Needs A Wee by Nicholas Allan, and my children love it. This book follows Father Christmas as he tries to deliver presents but his tummy is rumbling and he’s trying not to do any trumps. I will definitely be getting this for my son’s Christmas Eve box. It will make him giggle.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingStacking Tower Wooden Toy (£5) – If there are any toddlers that you need to buy for, then this would make a lovely gift. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and problem solving, plus it’s fun. And it’s a bargain.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingGame of Thrones Colouring Book (£7) – Adult colouring books are all the rage these days. And while it is relaxing to colour in some doodles and flowers, how about colouring in battles and fights (as well as flowers and some pretty dresses)? This would make any fan of Game of Thrones very happy.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingOriental Storage Suitcases (£7) – A pretty, and practical, gift for a little or big lady in your life. It would look nice on a desk to tidy away papers and receipts, but I think these would work well in my daughter’s room. She could use one for Shopkins, one for hair things and another for bits and bobs. The suitcases would also be a lovely way to package a gift instead of traditional wrapping paper or a gift bag.


Finishing My Christmas ShoppingCaptain Underpants box set (£12) – You get 10 of these fantastically funny books for a great price. Moozles has been reading these books from her school library and absolutely loves them. Great books to encourage children to read independently but to also enjoy reading.


So, there you go. I have, hopefully, helped you find the last few bits of your Christmas shopping. Now bring on those cookies! Merry Christmas!






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