The First Train Ride

The First Train Ride

Such angelic children, no? Actually, they’re far from it. But they like to smile for the camera, so I can’t complain too much. On Saturday, we went to the Tate Modern for some culture and lunch. Normally, when we go into central London, we go on a Sunday. That way we can snag some free parking. Dubz is quite the handful and we have not been brave enough to take him on the train or the underground. Moozles had been on the train and tube hundreds of times at this age.

But the past few months has seen a marked maturing in Dubz. Now that he is two and a half years old, he has calmed down quite a bit. He is still quite lively, but we are no longer dealing with daily tantrums or him running around in a frenzied state. So we decided to go into London, on the train and the tube. Without. The. Buggy. Talk about risk takers.

It surprisingly went well. There were some grumpy moments when Dubz got tired and his Daddy carried him. In case you weren’t aware, Dubz always wants me to carry him. But my back cannot oblige. So he had to mainly make due with Daddy. But there was no running into traffic or falling onto the platform. We had a nice day. Not extraordinary, but it still felt special. My little boy is not such a baby any more.


This week I am linking up to My Sunday Photo from OneDad3Girls and Ordinary Moments from MummyDaddyME.


15 thoughts on “The First Train Ride

  1. You can’t beat a day out on The Southbank! You are one brave lady though not taking a buggy. We go up town a lot with our two, but yet to go without a buggy- madam always wants to be carried otherwise! Where do you park when you go on a Sunday? Might be an option for us x

    1. Becky, there are always roads with single yellow lines to be found on a Sunday if you go @10/10.30am. We normally park when we go to the Southbank, Natural History/Science Museums, Hyde Park, London Bridge and Covent Garden.

  2. Cute photo- love their little outfits. Sounds like a great day in London, we love going in occasionally for a day out. Both of mine LOVE the train. x

  3. Your little boy looks much older than he is – so well behaved too 🙂 Mine is 18 months, likes running up and down of the corridors in trains, won’t sit still for a minute! 🙂 #theordinarymoments

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