Floral Love

Floral Love

The other day, I posted a flower photo on Instagram. As you do. And I remarked that I never noticed flowers when I was 20. Now, at 40, I am forever taking photos of flowers. On Friday, I was with some mummy friends at Petersham Nurseries having tea and cake. On our way out, we spotted some beautiful roses and started sniffing away. We then began raving about how wonderful these particular roses smelled. Again, I was struck at how middle-aged I had become. But I thought I would share a photo of one of these gorgeous roses. And while you cannot smell itĀ for yourself. You can imagine. And if you are my age, you may just coo over how pretty it is.

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8 thoughts on “Floral Love

  1. Such a beautiful and vibrant colour. Funnily enough I remember loving roses even when I was little, but not flowers in general. EVen after all these years in London I’ve never been to Petersham nurseries so will have to rectify that X #MySundayPhoto

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