Fun Yet Thoughtful Gifts For Mums

Just because I am a mother, it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my sense of humour. So for Christmas, I would like some gifts that are fun as well as thoughtful. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a new jumper or some cosy socks. But there are so many other things that would put a smile on my face. I am a mother, but I also have a naughty sense of humour and am into technology. So here are some much-wanted items, from one silly mum to another.

1. Wine Sack, £34.08 – Oh yes, this is what I am talking about. Imagine going to the PTA meeting at your child’s school, you’re sitting at the back with the other wicked mums losing the will to live. Then you break out your wine sack, and there’s a party going on. Also handy at the cinema, the pre-school talent show and visiting relatives at Christmas. Sadly they don’t ship this to the UK, but hopefully one day.

2. Smartphone Vase, £27.30 – This would look amazing on my desk. I could charge my iPhone while looking at some pretty flowers. Talk about a win-win situation.

3. Tipping Teacup, £17.06 – I drink an obscene amount of tea. And I love the idea of having loose tea that you can make for just one person. You tip the teacup on one side when it is steeping; then tip the cup to the other side to lift the leaves out of the water/tea. I also like that you can cradle the cups in your hands, which is fab for warming once’s hands in the winter.

4. Wine Pearls, £21.29 – Don’t you hate it, when you have friends over, and not enough room in the fridge to chill all the wine and prosecco? And what about in the summer when your red wine is just too warm to drink? Well, you just pop these frozen orbs into your drinks and they will cool them down without altering the taste.

5. Hemingway Poster, £20.48 – This is more suitable for us writer-types. Such a great message from Ernest Hemingway – ‘Write drunk; edit sober’. I should definitely try this, it might elevate my writing to a new level.

6. Pins, £15-£18 – I love a cool pin or badge. And I love the hashtag and girl detective pin. As a blogger, you could understand why I like the hashtag. What you might not know about me, is that I have always had a yearning to be a private detective. Maybe I read too many Nancy Drew books, but I always wanted to grow up and solve mysteries.

7. Banned Books Tote Bag, £15.36 – Who doesn’t love a tote bag?! This tote has the name of classic books that have been banned at one time or another. There’s an inner pocket for stashing your keys, phone and library card. The book-lover in me is just crazy for this bag.

8. Smartphone Projector, £23.89 – I have actually bought one of these for a member of the family. Such a cool idea to be able to project the photos and videos from your smartphone. I can’t tell you that number of times I’ve been at a family outing where someone passes their phone around to show a recent holiday.


I don’t normally write a wishlist with items from just one shop, but I got really excited looking through the UncommonGoods website. Not only do they sell cool and unique items, but they endeavour to offer products that are handmade, recycled and organic. And they also believe in integrity in the way they deal with team members and others. It’s not just about making money for them. And if you’re not interested in the items that I picked (perhaps you are not overly concerned about wine or books), pop on over to their site to find some more fab gifts for mums.




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