Goodbye Hallo Ween

Halloween went well. Mg daughter, Moozles, went to a schoolfriend’s house then trick-or-treating (six five-year old girls losing their minds with anticipation–talk about scary). Then we got home in time to trick-or-treat on our neighbouring streets with Moozles and her brother. We didn’t let Dubz have any candy since he is only 17-months old–he just loved getting to walk around at night. He is quite independent, so we didn’t take the stroller/buggy and he had a fab time wandering around.

This made me think how kids love going out after dark. We are normally quite strict about a 7pm/7.30pm bedtime at our house. What do other people do? Do you let your kids stay up at weekends, vacations or school holidays? Maybe I should be more relaxed? Apart from an occasional wedding or family party, my daughter hasn’t stayed up past 8pm very often.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Hallo Ween

  1. I still have this dilemma and my son is ten! Sometimes on holidays he stays up late but we always end up paying for it the next day when he’s overtired.

  2. Oh dear, I thought I would have it made by the time my daughter turned 10. It would make life easier if my children slept in, but my daughter rarely sleeps past 7am. Oh these children, if only they would sort themselves out.

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