The Great British Tennis Weekend


Growing up, I didn’t do physical activities with my parents. We occasionally went for short walks, but that was the extent of it. Recently I’ve decided that I want to have a more outdoorsy lifestyle with my family. We’ve been going on regular walks around Richmond Park and Wisley, clocking up a couple of miles each visit. I’ve also had visions of us all playing tennis together. When I found out that the Lawn Tennis Association is currently offering free sessions (for kids, adults and families) at tennis clubs across the UK, I signed us all up.

So this weekend we went to one of our local tennis clubs (Cranleigh). I booked Moozles into a one hour session aimed at eight and nine-year olds. Afterward we had half an hour to use the court as a family. And all for free! First of all, I have to be honest. Moozles cried when I told her that I signed her up for a session learning how to play tennis. She’s at an age where she wants to be consulted about everything, because she likes saying no to new experiences. And she marched sullenly onto the court when we arrived. But five minutes into the session, she was all smiles. And once her session was over, Moozles asked if she could have proper tennis lessons. Result!

Afterwards we all got on the court for our family session. The tennis club provided with rackets and balls, and Moozles taught us some of her new skills. At four years old, Dubz was not that great. But he was very enthusiastic. Husband and I took turns, one playing with Moozles and one playing with Dubz. Moozles did not want to stop. I really enjoyed myself as well, and now I am thinking about getting some lessons too. I will be signing Moozles up for tennis camp this summer. It would be amazing to one day play proper tennis doubles as a family.

If you are interested in some tennis fun, the Lawn Tennis Association is offering free tennis sessions all over the UK, with the main weekend being Saturday the 16th July and Sunday the 17th July. Besides lessons, there are also fitness sessions and pilates available in some clubs. Visit ClubSpark, and you can easily search for nearby tennis clubs and book sessions. And don’t miss out on the Great British Tennis Weekend!

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I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here.


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10 thoughts on “The Great British Tennis Weekend

  1. Looks like you had a great time despite an auspicious start. We were the same and Lily now loves her tennis and can’t wait to play more.

  2. I think about this type of thing a lot, we didn’t grow up exercising or even going for walks so already we go out for walks with the kids over the fields and we love it. I take the kids to the gym with me and that’s great as they’re seeing that I exercise while they play. I love that you did this activity as a group though and this has really inspired me to find similar in our area. Lizzie xo

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