Dressing Like A Grown-Up

It’s exciting (and a bit overwhelming) imagining how your kids will turn out. What they will be when they grow up. I have an image of Moozles becoming a scientist while Dubz is an explorer/archaeologist (okay, for some reason I imagine my son growing up to be Indiana Jones, not sure why). Dubz is only two, so a career is not something he thinks about. Moozles is six, so she is quite fixated on growing up. Her list of possible occupations include doctor, builder, waitress, policewoman and teacher (to be alternated on a daily basis).

So when the folks at Kids T-shirts asked us to review a couple of their kids’ fancy dress/career t-shirts, I was intrigued to check out their website. The boys’ range and the girls’ range had many of the same t-shirts, including astronaut, doctor, chef and the ever-practical pirate. The girls’ range also had princess and mermaid. Moozles was fond of the former but picked the police officer t-shirt after I pointed out that being a princess was not a job.


It was tough picking a shirt for Dubz because he only likes to wear clothes that have animals on them. But since I don’t want him to grow up to be a dinosaur, I opted for the t-shirt with a tie. Moozles and I decided on the green shirt since green is our favourite colour. It is pretty adorable and makes Dubz look like a businessman. Plus it looks like he’s dressed up so can be worn for more formal outings (you know, for like when we go meet the Queen).

IMG_7458 IMG_7455

The t-shirts arrived last week and I have been quite pleased with the quality of the cotton. They wash well and there has been no shrinkage in the tumble dryer either (I’m American, and I don’t see myself ever hanging clothes on a line in the garden, no matter how long I live in the UK). The shirts range in price between £9.99-10.99, and shipping is free if you spend £20. I can see these shirts being especially useful if there is a dress-up day at school and they even have a section called World Book Day.  The t-shirts are also a good alternative to traditional fancy-dress as they are comfortable and hard-wearing, as many costumes are itchy and fussy.

Moozles enjoyed pretending to be a policewoman. She especially enjoyed pretending her little brother was a criminal and she kept chasing him around the house. I think I will need to get them pirate t-shirts as they would love matching shirts so they can pretend to sail a ship and make me walk the plank. Anything to get the kids to use their imaginations and forget about the telly is great in my books.



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I was sent the two t-shirts for the purpose of a review but all opinions expressed are completely my own.

21 thoughts on “Dressing Like A Grown-Up

  1. What cool t shirts! You totally need to start hanging your washing out on the line though – it smells AMAZING when it’s line dried. Honestly. Try it! 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

  2. World Book Day is the bane of my life! Now that that’s out of my syetem, I have to say I love the tie tee, so cool! I’m always a bit stuch for fancy dress stores so I have very gratefully saved the name ;P Glad to hear they get on well with the dryer 🙂 x

    1. I know, mine too. They need something book-related that they will be comfy in and that can handle rough-housing on the playground. I like the idea of sticking them in t-shirts that they can wear at other times too.

  3. Oh I love them!!!! I could totally see Reuben in the tie t-shirt. I’m going to check them out.
    Moozles sounds very similar to Gabriella, my step-daughter who’s 7, she is constantly changing her career choices. One is a constant though – she definitely wants to be a pop star so she can make lots of money (*slaps forehead*) then she’s going to become a vet and get a huge house where she can look after poorly animals! Reuben currently wants to be a bus spotter.


  4. These would have worked well with Maxi, who refused to dress up. Even for school plays!

  5. I adore these t-shirts and it looks like they both do too. I’m going to pop over and have a look x

  6. Love this as a product for review! I like dress up t-shirts – EJ has a really cool pair of scuba diver pyjamas! Love it 🙂 X

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