Sulking in the Sun

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We went for a picnic yesterday in honour of a friend’s birthday. We went to Peckham Rye, in South East London. Unfortunately, most of the people had toddler boys. This did not go down well with Moozles. She had expected to have another ‘big girl’ to play with. Luckily she had her brother to play with, and her Daddy (I was busy catching up with my friend who I haven’t seen in months). But at one point, Moozles was so annoyed that she went off to sulk at a nearby table. But it’s hard to sulk by yourself when you have a little brother. Dubz went over and just sat next to her. She didn’t sulk for long. But I managed to take this picture while she was making a grumpy face.

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I wish I could help Moozles see how lucky she is. She has someone who absolutely adores her and who loves playing with her. She never has to be sad and alone, like I was as a child. She may have sad times, but never for want of company. She has a sibling there, always ready to keep her company. Always by her side.

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  1. Has Disqus gone? I understand this – JJ is that little bit closer to EJ in age but right now EJ just doesn’t have the understanding to join in with games with rules, etc. and JJ always wants someone else around and if its me then he won’t leave me alone and I have to be his playmate which is not a problem until I actually need to do something like cook or put the laundry out!. I’m longing for EJ to get to an age where he can be a full on playmate! I guess you don’t have any siblings then? My ten year old step daughter is now starting to really engage with JJ when they are together – I think she was the same – she was five when he was born so it took a long few years for him to get to a more interactive age!! X #whatsthestory

    1. Sam, there was a disqus update on WP, and now I can’t figure out how to make my disqus work again. Argh. And I have to approve all comments which is annoying. 🙁 But anyway, I do feel like when the youngest turns 3, then it becomes easier for them to play together as the youngest will then begin to grasp games and playing properly. I may blog about my upbringing soon–I’m actually the youngest of eight but it’s very complicated. 🙂

  2. Mine pulls some horrific faces, usually when I have put the mots amount of effort into some kind of day out for us! Ungrateful little madam that she can be… 😉 T’was so lovely meeting you at Britmums misses :)) same time nxt year yeah :))) x

    1. Mine is at the age where she is too ashamed to have a tantrum outside of the house, but she pulls these stroppy faces. It was lovely meeting you too! xx

  3. I love the sulky expression, that’s just brilliant. POD makes though faces too! Must be great having a sibling there to look after her too. Funny mentioning Peckham Rye, my husband lived there and when we got together we spent 10 years in Honor Oak Park. Lovely post, thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

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