Happy Fruit & Veg Day

Happy Fruit & Veg Day

On Friday, Dubz took part in his first Dress Like a Fruit & Vegetable Day at school. I had planned to make him a costume but I was dithering about whether to make a carrot or a tomato. I even went to a fabric store, but my indecisiveness made me leave empty-handed. Dubz ended up in a hand-me-down pumpkin onesie that his sister used in Year 1.

Four years ago, I spent four days creating a strawberry costume for Moozles after spending a couple of days researching and thinking about what I wanted to make. Another example of how much better life is for the first-born child. Regardless, Dubz loved his outfit and had a fun day with his school friends (and I didn’t have to make or buy a new costume!). I had to include photos of Moozles from Reception and Year 1 as she was just so cute.

Happy Fruit & Veg Day



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14 thoughts on “Happy Fruit & Veg Day

  1. Very cute! But I’m so glad they don’t have one of those days here. I can’t make anything to save my life. All costumes are based on a pair of school shorts, a white shirt and a baker boy cap, which seems to suit pretty much all historical eras!

  2. Haha this is awesome! They both look so cute. I’m going to be so disorganised with all of these ‘dress like’ days when my little one starts school! Best start planning now 🙂

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