Happy (almost) Mother’s Day To Me

Happy Mother's Day to me

For those of us who live in the UK and Ireland, and who are mothers, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday. I know some mummies who have been thinking about this day all month, looking forward to a day of pampering and treats. I also know some mums who aren’t fussed about celebrating it and just want a cup of tea in bed.

For me, I’m somewhere in between. I don’t need any fancy gifts. In fact, I’m known for never wanting gifts. I would like a lie-in (maybe til 10am, ooh), followed by a special breakfast (preferably pancakes or waffles) and a family outing. Maybe a cheeky afternoon nap later on. Nothing special, but would mean a lot to me. It is nice being made to feel appreciated.

I became a mum almost seven years ago. And almost three years ago, I became a mum of two. I then gave up my job and became a SAHM. This means that I don’t dress as nicely as I used to. I do school runs, prepare constant snacks, moderate tantrums and sibling fracas and procrastinate about cleaning the house. So I appreciate a day in my honour. I love my children. I love my life. I don’t need* gifts or flowers to feel like my children appreciate and love me. But mama fancies a lie-in.

*Please note that although I don’t need gifts or flowers as thanks for my wonderful mothering, I would be happy to receive both.


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9 thoughts on “Happy (almost) Mother’s Day To Me

  1. This is a lovely post! I know what you mean – Evan (my teen; 13) has always made such an effort – 2 years ago he cooked for SIX HOURS bless him! I don’t NEED anything at all, if he hoovered his room and makes me a coffee I will be happy as Larry! (Who is this Larry & why is he so happy?)

    Happy Mothers Day! xx

  2. For me the best thing about mother’s day has always been the home made cards snuck home in the book bags. I’m expecting 3 this year and a shop one from Elsie! My husband is great at buying presents too, one year I got Scrabble for family games night 🙂 x x

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