Happy New Bedroom To Me!

And when I say new bedroom, I mean NEW BEDROOM. We didn’t just give it a lick of paint. We are nearing the end of a major home renovation project. There have been new windows, plastering, painting, new carpets and new furniture. I even switched bedrooms with my daughter. And as of yesterday, the bedroom was 95% finished (shutters are arriving in two weeks). So I thought I’d share the journey of our new master bedroom.

Like I said, the bedroom was originally my daughter’s. The previous owners had painted one wall pink, and the door was painted black. Add crumbling plaster and green carpets that were about 30 years old, and the room was kinda disgusting. But no more (I wish I had more before photos, but the workmen started on the room earlier than expected).

We had the room re-plastered, got upvc sash windows, a new radiator, unbleached wool carpet, and had the room painted green. The shade was actually lighter than I wanted, so I added some forest green accents to bring out the green in the room. I wish the room was big enough for a dressing table, but sadly that will have to wait for another house or for when the children move out.

Although everyone got new beds and mattresses, we decided to keep our old bed frame (an EU King from IKEA). We did decide that we needed a new, super comfy mattress. I suffer from back pain anyway, and I was waking up with aches every morning as our mattress was quite soft. And then Sleepbear came to the rescue.

If you’re not familiar with Sleepbear, they are a British mattress firm (they design and make the mattresses themselves). They only make and sell one thing – quality mattresses. Luckily they stock a European King mattress. The mattress arrived rolled up, so it was quite easy to get it up the stairs and into our new bedroom (according to Husband). Within seconds, it had been unrolled and was ready to sleep on. No waiting 48 hours. No plastic smells. We have been sleeping on the new, and luxurious, latex mattress for a few weeks and can testify that it is unbelievably comfortable.

We decided to get some simple wardrobes from IKEA. They have sliding doors, which is ideal when you have a small room – no opening doors that bump your body. They were £150 each (we both got one). And since the wardrobes were inexpensive, we decided to splash out on cool bedside tables. I didn’t want matching ones, and I loved these two from Atkin & Thyme. I got the Ruby cabinet and Husband got the Newton.

In the past week, we have been unpacking our boxes and organising clothes into our new wardrobe, sorting out the new bedside tables and putting up our artwork. For the first time, since we sold our last home (about six years ago), our bedroom feels like a proper adult space for relaxing and sleeping. Ah, happy new bedroom to me.


Bedside tables, Atkin & Thyme; Lamps, Aldi; Green throw, IKEA; Cushions, Sainsbury’s; Left two art prints, Desenio.


We were given a Sleepbear mattress for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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