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I have been struggling with my weight ever since my youngest child was born. I gained a whopping three stone when I was pregnant with Dubz (that’s an extra 19 kilo/42 pounds). His birth lost me one stone. I expected to lose the rest of the weight quickly, like I did with his sister. But breastfeeding Dubz (for 10 months!) unleashed a powerful hunger that only whole cheesecakes could appease. I get so annoyed when people talk about how breastfeeding burns loads of calories. It just made me hungrier than I had ever been in my life.

I expected to lose the weight last year but then I fell down the stairs and broke my toe. A few months later I had a laparoscopy for my endometriosis. All that recovering time meant a lot of time stuffing my face. And here I am, at the at the biggest non-pregnant weight of my life (at the weight I was when I went into labour with Dubz). So now is the time to get serious.

I’ve decided to try a few different diet/healthy eating plans, a bit like a lucky dip. You won’t know what I will choose next. But if there is a diet or a exercise you would like me to try, let me know. As long as I am left with enough energy to take care of two young children, I will give it a go (that means NO to the Cabbage Soup Diet). Dukan? Paleo? Zumba? Ballet?

In the next three months, I’ll be trying different things, randomly. Seeing what works. Seeing what doesn’t. And hopefully the variety will keep me interested. And hopefully some weight loss will keep me motivated. This week I am trying Total Diet Food meal delivery service. I won’t really be exercising as my body gets accustomed to such fewer calories (1600 calories per day rather than my usual 2500). Check back on Sunday/Monday for the first of my weekly updates.

This week I am linking up to All About You. Check out the yoga queen that is Mama – And More for sun salutations and other bloggers writing all about themselves.


18 thoughts on “Healthy Living Lucky Dip

  1. OOh broken toe? Poor thing!
    I’m also at my heaviest weight, more than I was even when pregnant. It’s very frustrating but I’m trying the ‘eat healthier, be more active’ approach because any type of dieting seems to make me obsess more about food lol.
    Really interested to follow your journey and find out what works for you!
    Commenting via All About You link up xx

  2. Ooh good luck with it, the low GI way of eating lowering my sugar and white carbs works best for me (with the odd treat too) and yoga has transformed my body inside and out-the 10 minute solution-yoga DVD is incredible!

  3. Yes, breastfeeding made me hungry! Fortunately, chasing around after the two kids proves to be plenty of exercise! Wishing you the best of luck with your weight loss and trying out different things x

  4. Aw shucks, yoga goddess? Honoured! I think everyone experiences the weight gain and loss thing so differently. I run around the whole time after my two, and I think despite being convinced that my genes were not going to be kind to me (on my father’s side), daily yoga does help – I do the dynamic power version. 10 sun salutations a day really does make a massive difference over weeks! Thank you so much for linking to #AllAboutYou lovely. xx

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