Hooray for Dungarees

A few months ago, I was doing my food shopping in Sainsbury’s when some denim dungarees called to me. Now, I hadn’t worn dungarees in almost 20 years. Back in university I was quite a fan of overalls (as us Americans call them). They’re so comfy, which is perfect when you’re young and don’t have a job. At first, I felt a bit apprehensive about trying them on. But they were so cute, I just had to buy them.

When I got home, the doubts returned. Once you hit 40, there appears a tiny voice that sometimes asks ‘are you too old for this?’. But I squelched the hesitation, and embraced my inner 20-year old. When you’re 20, you just wear whatever you want. And that’s how I’m trying to live my life. I’m trying to wear whatever I want, as long as it’s comfortable and makes me feel happy. Goodbye doubts, hello dungarees.

On my Instagram, I have started a weekly fashion fact on my Monday fashion post. And I thought it might be good to share it on my blog. Did you know that the name dungaree is a relic of the British colonial presence in India?! Dungri is the Hindi name of a particular type of thick cotton cloth, originally used to make sails and tents. No wonder dungarees were made to be loose and comfortable. So, hooray for dungarees!

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