Hooray for Legoland!

Hooray for Legoland

Last week we surprised the kids with a visit to Legoland Windsor. Hooray! They were thrilled, to put it mildly (check out the vlog below for their reaction). Windsor is a 55-minute drive from where we live in south west London, so Moozles and Dubz didn’t have long to wait. They were also very excited to find out that their grandparents would be meeting us at Legoland and then taking them to Leamington for the weekend (though I think that Husband and I were even more excited).

Anyway, we last went to Legoland about three and a half years ago, when Dubz was five months old. As you can imagine, he did not get much out of it, and I had to keep missing out on things to breastfeed him (there is a baby care area where you can breastfeed in private, as well as change nappies). But now that Dubz is almost four, and Moozles is eight, I was looking forward to a fun day we would all enjoy. Dubz hasn’t needed a stroller/buggy in over a month, and can now walk three or four miles, which makes family outings so much easier.

I thought I would share some tips for a fun family day at Legoland.

  1. Arrive early – Legoland opens at 10am. Aim to arrive for 9.30am/9.45am so that you can park and get into the park on time (and when we went, the gates were already open at 9.45am).
  2. Head for the most popular rides first – Our favourites are Laser Raiders, Dragon’s Apprentice, The Dragon and Mia’s Riding Adventure. We managed to go on half of the rides (there are lots), and went on Laser Raiders twice as the kids love it so.
  3. Bring snacks – My children will demand lunch at 11am, no fail, so I always pack a mini-lunch for them. I brought them each a sandwich, Mini Cheddars and an orange juice, which kept them going so that we could wait and have lunch at 2pm (then the restaurants are much less busy). We had lunch at The Burger Kitchen and we all enjoyed our meal and it was very reasonable (£30 for two burger meals, two kids’ meals and one salad).
  4. Don’t miss the pirate show – I did miss this show last time (damn that breastfeeding), and Husband and Moozles talked about it all day, so this time I was determined not to miss it. We sat down at 11.45am for the noon show. The kids finished their mini-lunch while we waited. They loved the show, and I thought it was pretty entertaining too. You make me maaad.
  5. There is more to Legoland than rides and shows – One of my favourite aspects is the the Miniland. They’ve used nearly 40 million Lego bricks to create cities and scenes from all over the world. And even better, they now have a Star Wars miniland, depicting seven iconic scenes made from 1.5 millions bricks. What’s cooler, besides the 3 metre high Death Star, is that the scenes move and light up. It’s a treat for any Star Wars-lover.

We had such a great day at Legoland. We were there from 9.45am to 4.30pm, and left exhausted (and that’s with spending the last 20 minutes in the gift shop). If you’re thinking about going, buy your tickets online seven days in advance (at £37 each, they’re much cheaper than at the gate). Though there are sometimes 2-4-1 deals, which then works out as cheaper than gate prices. Standard parking costs £5, but my in-laws splashed out on the priority parking (£10 and much closer and much quicker to drive out). As we arrived early, we didn’t have far to go for our standard parking, but we were still a bit jealous we hadn’t gone for priority.

We are already thinking about our return trip to Legoland. There are still a few rides and attractions we didn’t get to enjoy. We had such a fab day (despite the fact that it hailed three times). Can’t wait for more Legoland fun! Hooray!

Hooray for Legoland Hooray for Legoland Hooray for Legoland Hooray for Legoland Hooray for LegolandHooray for Legoland

We were given complimentary tickets to visit Legoland, but I was not obliged to review it. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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