How do you like them apples?

Tomorrow is Apple Pressing Day at my daughter’s school. Each class gets the opportunity to press apples into juice. They then sell it after school. In aide of this, I have diced 19 pounds of apples today (yes, I weighed them!). That’s a stone and a half of flippin’ apples.

If I had a job I don’t think I would feel sucked into helping out on the PTA. If I still had a job I would profusely thank the mums helping out whilst skipping off to work thinking about the lovely lunch I would be getting from Exmouth Market. I like helping out at school, even doing the thankless jobs like dicing apples. But I do sometimes have a pang of jealousy for those mums running meetings and breaking the glass ceiling.

We didn’t have apple pressing or such activities at my school growing up. I am not sure if British people my age did this sort of thing. But it seems like nowadays, school is so much ‘more’. I went to school, learned some stuff, then went home. In addition to school, my five-year old does one or two different after school clubs each term (run by school) and is learning French during lunchtime on Mondays. And it is not just about learning. Last week I helped out at the school disco. There was an actual DJ, and the kids danced crazily for over an hour.

School expects so much more from the students and the parents these days. Is it too much, or was it not enough in previous years?

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