I’m an American…Get Me Out of Here

I sometimes dip into ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’ on ITV. I don’t tend to really get into UK reality shows featuring D-list celebrities because I usually don’t know who the celebrities are. I will watch, however, if there is a well-known American. But I do enjoy watching the trials on ‘I’m a Celebrity’. I find it interesting to see who is looking for a challenge and who is just hoping to revive their career.
Last night, some of the cast were bitching about Alfonso Ribeiro, the ‘loud American’. Some of the other members of the cast seem loud (and obnoxious), but the American is the one labelled as loud in a bad way.
Why is it so easy to label Americans as loud? Is this our most renowned stereotype? But is it true? It is one of the labels I worry about receiving from non-Americans. Why should I care? Would a British person care if they were perpetually described as ‘cold’ or ‘awkward”? Or are Brits celebrated for their stereotypes? British people are known for their sarcasm, politeness and self-deprecation. Those aren’t negative qualities.
Is there an inherent conflict between the British and Americans? Are we frenemies? Do Americans (living in the USA) make fun of British? Now that I think of it, many people in the USA think that British people have teeth like Austin Powers. But most Americans don’t have passports so won’t have been to the UK to judge for themselves. Maybe I’m annoyed that some minor British celebrities were casting aspersions on my entire nationality. They should be well-traveled. They should know better.
Or are the British still mad at Americans for gaining our independence? All I know is that some British people are loud and obnoxious. And some Americans are quiet and genteel. 

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