Japanese Yumminess at Ichiba London

One of the joys of London is the never-ending choice of restaurants and cafes. There is always a cool new place to eat at. And if you like Japanese food, then you have to try Ichiba. Opened in June 2018, Ichiba is the largest Japanese foodhall in Europe. And as it is located in Westfield shopping centre, in Shepherd’s Bush, you will be able to make a day out of it. Shopping and yummy food – what a wonderful combination.

My daughter and I adore Japanese food. My son is six and I have been trying to cultivate his love of new flavours. There was a tough time in our lives where for three months he only ate toast. Dark times, people, dark times. And while Dubz won’t touch sushi, I am trying to show him that there is more than that when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

And Ichiba did not let us down. Firstly, before we ate, we really enjoyed looking around at all the Japanese food and drinks. There were some amazing whiskeys and saki. There were a plethora of types and brands of noodles, soy sauce and everything else needed in Japanese cuisines. There were lovely plates, chopsticks and tea sets. And of course there was Hello Kitty.

There were also lots to choose from if you don’t feel like cooking, and you just want some delicious Japanese cuisine. They offer noodles, donburi, poke, yakitori, ramen, sushi and sashimi (and more!). There’s also a bakery/cafe and they have mochi ice cream (the lemon was my favourite). We sampled quite a bit of food. And to be honest, we loved everything. Even Dubz. I took a huge chance ordering takoyaki octopus balls – they were divine. Dubz asked for more. He has asked to return to Ichiba just to eat octopus (they’re ball-shaped, don’t worry, octopus don’t have balls).

If you don’t have time to sit and eat, there is sushi and sashimi to go. And if you have a sweet tooth, there are millions of Japanese sweets, chocolate and snacks. We bought a couple of things to try at home and then kicked ourselves for not buying more. We are now total Ichiba-lovers, and can’t wait to return for more Japanese yumminess. And next time, I’m ordering three portions of the octopus takoyaki!



My family and I were invited for a tour and lunch at Ichiba for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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