Keep Your Snot to Yourself

My toddler is feeling poorly again, and now I have caught his cold. I’d been planning to write another post, and this little ditty came out instead. In November, when I first blogged a silly little poem, I thought it would be fun to write a regular poem to catch up on how my week/month had gone. I had obviously forgotten about this, but might give it a try. Here’s the first of many (or none).

I do love you, my dearest son 

You are full of sweetness and purity
But now I wonder if this was a con 
Lulling me into a false sense of security

This winter you’ve shown me the real you
With your non-stop tummy bugs and colds 
I’ve been wiping your nose of snot and goo
Cleaning the poo from your chunky thigh folds

I want to get in my bed and cry
You’ve been coughing in my face
And yesterday you sneezed in my eye
My health is such a disgrace

I am groggy and in a haze 
I just can’t stop and sleep
I’ve got snotty kids to raise
so whilst I make dinner I will weep.

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