Kit & Coco, Cause Lice Is Gross

Kit & Coco, Cause Lice Is Gross

This week I was invited to the launch party for Kit & Coco. Kit & Coco is a nit and lice-prevention and removal kit. I was obviously intrigued since my children are at that age where nits always seem to be going around. And since the launch included manicures and hair styling at the Duck & Dry salon in Chelsea, I was even more excited. But, as happens with children – something came up. Or rather down. Moozles fell down at school, (about 15 minutes after I arrived at the salon). I managed a quick mani, and then went home. But that’s the life as a parent.

Now, I don’t normally write about products before I have reviewed them. But Kit & Coco is such a cool idea. The products are totally natural and plant-based. There are no nasty chemicals, or even any alcohol. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a fresh, clean smell. Regular readers will know that Dubz suffers from eczema so this is the kind of product that won’t have him breaking out in a rash. The treatment is also supposed to be very conditioning and leave the hair soft and shiny. And just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it won’t work well. The products have been proven to be 100% effective.

Another cool aspect of Kit & Coco is that it isn’t just a treatment kit. They also have a prevention range. So, you know when your child comes home with that ‘a case of nits has been reported’ letter, and you’re filled with dread? You can put the treatment in their hair, and you’re set. When Moozles has come home with those letters, I have always washed her hair in tea tree shampoo and then put it in a bun for school. So far, she has never gotten nits/lice. But Dubz hates having his hair washed, and so we have just been lucky with him. But he begins Reception in September, and I had been worrying about how we’re going to avoid nits. But I will be able to put the mousse in his hair, and then he’ll be protected for 24 hours.

Now, you might be thinking why there is a mousse targeted to boys and a spray with headband targeted to girls. As a mother of a boy and a girl, I can confirm that there is no way I would get my four-year old to wear a headband – even if it had Batman on it. Obviously all children differ, but I think the mousse is perfect for boys or children with short hair. And the spray and headband will make many girls very happy. I will let you all know once I use the products and see how well they work.

Kit & Coco, Cause Lice Is Gross Kit & Coco, Cause Lice Is Gross


I was invited to the Kit & Coco launch and given the products for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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