Knights, Jesters and Churchill at Blenheim Palace

While our family outings are normally in London and Surrey, sometimes we go farther afield. Last month we ventured to Oxfordshire to visit Blenheim Palace. Not only is it the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill, but it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it is truly magnificent.

When you drive into Blenheim Palace, you can’t help but feel awe of this fantastic palace and the lake and grounds. And when you enter the palace grounds, this feeling does not go away. As an American, I did not grow up visiting palaces and stately homes. And to be honest, my children are probably not that impressed since we have visited so many. But I can’t help but be dazzled by beautiful architecture and landscaped gardens. It is a glimpse of a decadent time.

First of all, Blenheim Palace was built as a gift from Queen Anne to John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, to thank him for his victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. And what a gift it was. The beautiful Baroque architecture, the splendid grounds and the huge collection of portraits, tapestries and and furniture make this an impressive place.

On the day we went, there was a jester show and a jousting tournament. Moozles and Dubz loved it. They even tried archery, which Dubz was especially good at. We had lunch from one of the vendors and then we explored the lovely gardens. 

We were feeling pretty tired by the afternoon, so decided to come back another day as there was just too much to see and do. Blenheim Palace has special events throughout the year and during the school holidays so there are loads of fun activities and events to see and do.

A family ticket to Blenheim Palace costs £59.90 (two adults and two children). Upon arrival, you can convert your ticket to an annual pass, which would allow you unlimited entrance for one year. And since Blenheim Palace is open everyday except for Christmas, you can really get your money’s worth. For £41, you could get a family ticket to just the park and gardens. This might work better if you have younger children who don’t really care about the state rooms and the priceless collections. Luckily my children are five and nine, so I can bribe them to care.




We were invited to visit Blenheim Palace for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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