Korean BBQ at Han in New Malden

Korean BBQ at Han in New Malden

We had the in-laws visiting this weekend, and they kindly offered to babysit on Saturday night. The first thought whenever we get the offer of babysitting services is ‘cinema or new restaurant?’ Since we were feeling too tired to sit in the movie theatre for two hours, we decided to go to a restaurant we’ve been keen to try out. So we went to Han restaurant/karaoke bar in New Malden.

If you live in/near New Malden, you will know that it has the highest concentrated Korean population in Europe (around 20,000) and is even referred to as Little Korea. I have been wanting to try Korean barbecue for ages, but Husband and I have been intimidated to go as we had no idea what we were supposed to do or what we should eat. We have both been to Han before (but separately) for karaoke with friends/colleagues. Han is known for their great karaoke rooms and it’s a popular spot for groups who don’t want to go into central London to sing their hearts out (plus it’s open til 1.30am on a Saturday night).

Han is a great place to try out Korean barbecue. The menu is in Korean and English, and the staff all speak excellent English and are happy to answer any questions. We ordered the BBQ set at the beginning of the menu. It gives you a choice of various combinations – we chose option C as it had beef bulgogi, pork belly, chicken and beef ribs. All of which were incredibly tasty.  This came with a tofu salad and some kim chee (which we both thought was excellent). For £19.50, this was a bargain as it was a good amount of food for two people. Husband does not eat seafood so I also ordered some prawns which were delicious. We really enjoyed barbecuing our food (the barbecue is in the table). This also meant that it did not take long for the food to arrive as we were the ones who had to cook it.

Since we had never been to Han before, we ordered a bit more food than we could manage. I don’t know about your partner, but Husband is always worried about being underfed. We ordered noodles, white rice and dumplings/gyoza. The gyoza were amazing and we’d definitely order them again. And since it’s not the kind of place to get pudding, you can fill your tummy up on starters and the barbecue.

Our dinner came to about £50 with service (this included one beer and one gin and tonic). We were unable to finish the meat and the noodles, so next time we will skip the noodles. But we enjoyed all the food, and were pleased with the service. If you do want to go to Han on a Friday or Saturday night, book ahead as it is always busy at the weekends. And don’t worry, the restaurant takes cards, not just cash.

I would love to go back with my children. Moozles, who is almost eight, would absolutely love it. I’m not sure how Dubz would do with a hot barbecue right in front of him. He would love to help cook, but I would worry that he would get too excited and burn himself. Then again, he is almost four and he is understanding things better more and more each week. Maybe we will take him in a few months. We will definitely be going back. Korean barbecue is definitely going to be one of my favourite foods.

Korean BBQ at Han in New MaldenKorean BBQ at Han in New MaldenKorean BBQ at Han in New MaldenKorean BBQ at Han in New MaldenKorean BBQ at Han in New Malden Korean BBQ at Han in New Malden Korean BBQ at Han in New Malden Korean BBQ at Han in New Malden

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  1. I used to work in New Malden – for quite a while actually – and I loved it. Koreans are lovely and I loved the food. We had one customer who would bring us in a Korean feast on Christmas Eve. It was lovely. I only ever learnt one word in Korean – hello! It’s this annyeonghaseyo and pronounced something like an-yong-hassio 🙂 x

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