The Last Day Of School

Last Day Of School

Thursday was a special day in the Californian Mum household. It was the last day of school for both children. I took photos of Moozles and Dubz and then went to compare them with the photos from the first day of school. Moozles looks so grown-up now. She even stands in a cool way. As for Dubz, I then realised I had never taken a photo of him on his first day of pre-school. eek Life is so tough when you’re the youngest. I had a look through all my photos from September of last year trying to find a photo of Dubz and then I remembered that he went through a phase where he didn’t like having his photo taken. That has definitely changed as he now often asks me to take his photo.

Dubz has had a major year of growth. He started pre-school last September, and was very timid and used a lot of sign language. After having speech therapy and grommets, and Dubz can now hear properly and speak clearly. And although he is a bit nervous about starting big school in September, I know he will be fine. As for Moozles, she has struggled with hearing problems as well this year. But after getting grommets and having her adenoids removed again, her hearing has greatly improved. She has started enjoying school again and has gotten an amazing report. I know she will do wonderfully in Year Four in September.

But for now, we can take a break thinking about school, and just enjoy the six/seven weeks of summer holidays. Happy summer everyone!


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12 thoughts on “The Last Day Of School

  1. Enjoy the holidays! Kara is also making the move from preschool to school in September. A major cause for celebration for us, as all three will now be in the same place!

  2. Happy School hols to you all. I’m admiring the school shoes from afar, here in Melbourne, the shoes were very formal regulation black school footwear. I hope you have a wonderful summer and then when you’ve finished with summer, perhaps you’d be kind enough to send her over to Australia as we need some sun!
    Wren x

  3. Wow, Moozles really has grown up a lot in a year! I would have guessed she was going into year 5 rather than year 4. It’s good to hear that both kids’ hearing problems have improved. Enjoy the summer holidays!

  4. Oh wow she really has grown so much! I always remember to take first day of school photos but never last day of school ones – must remember to do this! #MySundayPhoto

  5. Wow what a huge year for both of them and its great that both their hearing problems are so much better now. Here’s to a very sunny and happy summer for both of them!

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