Learning How To Blog

Learning How To Blog

Today marks my one-year anniversary of blogging; my blogiversary. The year has flown by. I had started a blog on Blogger three years before, but hadn’t actually had the nerve to write anything. So one night, impulsively, I came up with a new name, a design, and wrote this post. I think I probably only had six or seven readers the first month, but I really enjoyed the writing.

I had almost no idea how blogging works. I didn’t do any linkys, or take many photos. I didn’t sign up to Britmums or Mumsnet or Tots100. But I wrote. And often not very eloquently. My blog was my diary. Then in December, whilst recuperating from a laparoscopy, something clicked. I started writing more regularly, figured out how to join linkys and started to publicise my blog posts on Twitter. In April 2014, I was short-listed for a Brilliance in Blogging award in the category of Fresh Voice. Though I did not make the finals (and completely did not expect to), I was given new-found confidence. I went self-hosted (in WordPress) in June, and have enjoyed blogging more with each passing month.

I had been feeling isolated as a SAHM, and blogging made me feel part of a community. Especially as an expat, it is easy to feel different and isolated. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband and two such spirited children. And I am lucky that I actually love living in the UK. But sometimes I just want to chat about random crap, and my two-year old just wants to eat toast and watch Mr Tumble. At the time, Dubz was only one and didn’t talk or watch television.

So, for anyone thinking about blogging or who is new to blogging, here are some things that I have learned in the past year.

1. Write because you want to write. There are thousands and thousands of parenting blogs on the market. Don’t just write because you think you might get free stuff. Write because you have something to share, something to share and/or something to record.

2. Use a spell check. It can be so irrritating to find misspelled word after misspelled word. Also, read your post out loud. This gives a good indication to how well your sentences flow.

3. Learn what blogging entails. Tots100 have lots of great blogging tutorials, so go have a look. Britmums is also a fab blogging network and its blogging how-tos are extremely helpful. I have also found the Newbie Class from Potty Mouthed Mummy to be a lifesaver.

4. Make friends. Many of us began blogging to fill an empty space in our lives. Writing, reviewing, going to events–yes, these can all be fun. But get on Twitter or Facebook. Chat. Butt in on conversations. Get to know the people who follow you and who you follow.

Enough of my reflection and advice. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog (whether you were there for the first post or if you discovered me last week). Thank you for your tweets and comments. And for filling up the little empty space in my life. xx


18 thoughts on “Learning How To Blog

  1. Happy one year! You have hit the nail on the head regarding the isolation of being a stay at home parent. Blogging gives you a world aside to blimmin Mr Tumble! Glad I came across your blog as it’s one I now love x

  2. Happy Blogday lovely Elfa! I’m so glad I found your blog. You make me giggle and nod in agreement and just generally want to be your next door neighbour so we can drink tea&chat! 🙂 The blogging world is a brighter place for having you in it! Xx

  3. I never thought of my boys as spirited, but they might appreciate it better than hardcore stinkers. That’s awesome that you’ve come into your own with your blog. I’m still stumbling through it all. Congrats on your one year anniversary!

  4. Happy blogaversary and thank you for the mention 🙂 Fab tips, especially number 1. That’s the one I have to hold onto every time blogging gets me sad or frustrated – the reason I started in the first place. xx

  5. Happy blogaversary! Some great tips here lady 🙂 It’s my Blogaversary in a few days so need to crack on with my 1 year blog post. I love blogging so much now, it really has changed my life! x

  6. Great post Elfa! Good tips for new bloggers there. I’m still trying to get more involved with the social media. Sometimes it’s a bit of a trade off though isn’t it? It’s either write, read posts, comment or it’s flit about between Twitter, FB & Instagram trying to keep up! Blogging is definitely a great pasttime for us as mum’s of littlies though – it fires up a few sluggish baby-brain cells for sure 🙂 X #sharewithme

  7. Amazing blog post. I love it full of great tips. I was the same I started out and I just wanted to make friends and find other mothers out there to go through the journey of parenthood especially as an expat. Happy Blogiversary! Well done you for a solid first year. I heard a lot of blogs stop at 6-8 months. So you have done AMAZING! Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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