A Little Camo In The Springtime

I have put away my winter coats. Call me reckless, but I am ready for spring. We have already had some lovely days in the past couple of weeks (though we have also had a couple of cold, windy days). But I have decided to dress for the weather I want, so my wardrobe has had a bit of a spring overhaul. I’ve been adding colours to my usual monochromatic colour scheme and I have a new camouflage jacket that is jazzing up my outfits.

Camouflage and khaki are really big this spring. I was a bit nervous that I was too ‘mature’ for camo, But you get to a point in your life when you have to say ‘f*ck it’. No 40-something wants to be accused of dressing too young, but I think fashion is more fluid these days. Teenagers and women in their 60s can be found shopping side by side in places like H&M. So I’m trying not to think of my age, and to just wear clothes that make me happy.

My new camouflage jacket from ASOS is definitely making me happy. I especially love the badges, which give it such a whimsical touch. The jacket comes in regular and Curve, so you can get the jacket in sizes 4-28. It is mostly sold out in the bigger sizes, but hopefully they will get more stock soon. I have been wearing the jacket almost every day for the past month and I think it looks equally nice with dresses as it does with jeans.

Another new ASOS purchase is this red midi vest dress. I love a midi dress, but I wouldn’t normally wear clothes that don’t have sleeves. But this vest dress works well with a jumper or sweatshirt on top. And maybe not everyone would wear a red dress with a pink top, but I think it looks quite springy.

And you know how I wear sweatshirts all the time? Well, I was beyond thrilled to find this sweatshirt top from H&M. This top means that I can wear a sweatshirt on a warm day without getting too hot. The top comes in three colours (I got ‘light terracotta’ which is basically a blush pink), and I am kicking myself for not getting it in black.

Finishing off my outfit are my new grey ankle boots (Ecco make such comfy boots). I wish I could wear cool, heeled boots, but I can’t. My back would not be happy if I did. And I love my new tropical scarf which I bagged last week in the M&S sale. It is fab taking a break from thick, winter scarves and wearing a light scarf that will be perfect for spring and summer. And no photo shoot is complete with my little boy photobombing me (dressed in another of his crazy costumes).

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