London Favourites: London Zoo

London Favourites: The London Zoo

One might not expect to find such a wonderful zoo in London. After all, London has so many wonderful attractions. But luckily, the London Zoo is another terrific attraction to add to the very long list  (and it also happens to be the oldest scientific zoo in the world). It has such a vast array of different animals, from tigers to gorillas, hippos to lemurs, butterflies to monkeys.

My favourite part of the London Zoo is the giraffes. They are normally easily seen, eating leaves and looking very sweet. Husband loved the fruit bat forest. We got to see them fly around and eat fruit. Dubz really enjoyed the B.U.G.S. (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival). In fact, we all really liked seeing the large variety of invertebrates, even Moozles who is normally really scared of spiders. Moozles’ favourite area of the zoo was the aquarium. She really liked looking at all the fish and finding out about coral.

The zoo also has a lovely old-fashioned merry-go-round and a playground. Unfortunately a few minutes after we arrived at the playground, I noticed that I could not see Dubz. Husband went to look for him and realised that Dubz was gone. We went to look for him, then went back to the playground. He had gone to look at the giant inflatable slide. When he saw that we were gone, he went up to a family and told them he was lost. He waited sweetly until Husband found him. Then Dubz had a cry. Poor little dear. He definitely learnt a lesson.

Since we are trying to save money, we brought most of our snacks and drinks from home. But we did go to the cafe. Husband and I had a yummy lunch while Moozles and Dubz ate chips ( and drank the Imune Nurture drinks we had brought with us. They had eaten their homemade sandwiches at about 11.30am because they have trouble waiting to eat lunch at a normal time.

When we visit the London Zoo, we normally go on a Sunday. That way we can drive (there are nearby roads with single yellow lines, where you can park for free on Sundays). There is a car park and ‘pay and display’ street parking as well. It takes about 35-55 minutes to drive from South London, depending on traffic. If you take public transport, Camden Town station (on the Northern line) is a 10-15 minute walk to the zoo.

You can buy a family ticket for the London Zoo online for £68.04. Not the cheapest day out, but well worth it. You could also try collecting reward points with Avios. You collect points on your essential and non-essential spending (groceries, petrol, lipstick, etc), and you can then use the points to buy rewards such as flights, hotels and afternoon tea. And their current campaign, which is Do More With Avios, gives you the chance to spend your points on family and friends (or they could spend their points on you).

If you do decide to visit the London Zoo, give yourself a full day. We spent five hours on our last visit and didn’t manage to do everything. Luckily, we can visit again soon.

Monkeying Around at The London ZooLondon Favourites: The London ZooLondon Favourites: The London ZooLondon Favourites: The London Zoo London Favourites: The London Zoo London Favourites: The London Zoo


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We were given tickets to the zoo from Avios and Imune drinks for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


7 thoughts on “London Favourites: London Zoo

  1. I have always wanted to visit London zoo, it looks fab with so much to see the do. It must have been so scary when your little man wondered off, how good that he told a family he couldn’t find you.

  2. Such great tips! You know, I would never have thought to drive on a Sunday, but you’re right you can park on singles. How awful but we’ve yet to visit London Zoo – although I think we are planning on taking Monkey there next month for his birthday – weather permitting. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  3. I have some tickets to London Zoo that I won in a competition and your post has just reminded me that I really must use them before they expire! Sounds like a good day out, with all the other things to see in London I never actually think of going to the zoo. #Mondayescapes

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