Looking Cute in Courage & Kind

Looking Cute in Courage & KindMy girl loves a princess dress. So when Moozles received the above dress from Courage & Kind, she was ecstatic. It’s a shimmery tulle and silk party dress in the style of Cinderella, without the usual gaudiness found in girls’ princess-style dresses. This dress is perfect for parties and nice outings. And while my girl has worn it with sandals in the summer, it would look lovely with tights and shoes/boots in the winter.

Looking Cute in Courage & KindI may be a bit biased. But my boy is such a little cutie. This summer Dubz fell in love with Star Wars. So you can imagine his excitement at getting two Darth Vader tops. He has worn his new t-shirt and jumper loads in the past month. The jumper is really soft and comfy, and more like a nice sweatshirt. Dubz has been wearing it with shorts (and has been wearing it several times a week). As the jumper is quite thick, it will be perfect for when the weather gets really cold.

Looking Cute in Courage & KindThe t-shirt is utterly cool. Dubz has received compliments from several seven-year old boys. The lightsaber fight looks awesome. He was worn this t-shirt about 20 times in the past month, so it has been washed A LOT. And it has not shrunk one bit. Such excellent quality!

Moozles also received another outfit as part of the Cinderella collection – a pale pink ballroom vest and taupe shorts with a pink printed belt (similar to these blue shorts). This is a fab summer outfit, and was made even more practical with the addition of a light pink cardigan from H&M. For autumn, the vest would also look lovely with the cardi and a long skirt or jeans. The shorts can be worn with leggings or tights and an oversized jumper for autumn/winter. The clothes are of such high quality, that you can get a lot of wear out of them.

Looking Cute in Courage & KindLooking Cute in Courage & Kind

Looking Cute in Courage & Kind


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We were sent these clothes for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


8 thoughts on “Looking Cute in Courage & Kind

  1. I love her dress! I think all girls like shinny and shimmering and sparkling things. She looks very nice with it on. My boy doesn’t know Star Wars yet, but in time I think he will like your boy’s t-shirt too. I have to say I really like his hat too! Cute! 🙂

  2. Aww little cuties. Such a pretty dress and I definitely think it would look nice with a pair of Chelsea boots, a denim jacket and a hat. Toughen it up a little. Thank you for joining in #StreetStyleSunday x

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