Losing Your Mum Tum in Just One Week

Losing Your Mum Tum in Just One WeekThat’s the kind of title that catches the eye of many mums who are struggling to lose that baby weight. I would like to lose my ‘mum tum’, and losing it in one week would be even better. But let’s face it, it’s not going to happen. It isn’t physically possible, and certainly not done in a healthy way. We live in an age where we have a huge access to information. If we want to know about something, we Google it. As someone who has been struggling with weight issues for years, I cannot tell you how many times I have browsed the internet for queries on dieting. I say dieting, but I mean healthy living. I don’t want to diet in the traditional sense. I want to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. I want to be fit and active. At the same time, I want to eat ALL the cake.

I have been searching the internet to find a way to lose weight whilst eating cake. No luck yet. But I could cut down on the cake and find some ways to rid myself of this baby weight. And I’m not the only one looking for help. According to research from Intel Security, over half of people in the UK, between 21-54, have admitted to clicking on a link for a diet program/product. People are mostly clicking on links about ‘losing belly fat’ and ‘clean eating’. And 18% do so after having a baby. So many of us are trying to get healthy, and there are so many sources offering help. Some sites are safe, and some are not.

There is so much information. And there are so many links and pop-ups. And, they aren’t all trustworthy. So how can you stay safe online? First of all, be careful what you click on. You aren’t going to lose a stone in a week, and if they are advertising something outrageous like that then it’s likely to be a phishing scam. Phishing means that it is an email, website or social media contact (from someone not reputable) that is trying to lure you in to steal your private information. Make sure you are not sharing personal details like your address, date of birth or bank details on such sites. McAfee WebAdvisor will let you know if a website can be trusted.

Second of all, change your passwords regularly. And don’t make them easy to guess. A password of ‘djkncvhr802’ is a lot tougher to crack rather than ‘password’. Third of all, have good software. That means having a security program that detects malware and viruses. And make sure your security software is up-to-date.

And if you do come across a safe website that is full of tips on losing weight while eating cake, please send me the link.





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