Losing Weight with dietbon (diet ready-made meals)

I had assumed I would have lost the baby weight when my son was a baby. But we are three months away from his seventh birthday (what??!!), and the weight has not shifted. In fact, I started 2019 with an extra stone (that’s 14 pounds) on top of the three stones gained during the pregnancy. So when the folks from dietbon (diet ready-made meals) asked if I would like to try out their service, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

The dietbon delivery arrived at the beginning of January. Both Husband and I find it difficult to count calories but feel like it’s time to finally get our weight and health sorted. With dietbon, you get three meals, plus one snack and one dessert daily. So there’s no need to calorie-count. This really made restricting calories so much easier.

Losing weight is not easy. In fact, it is tough. Really really tough. But dietbon takes away a lot of the difficulty by making sure your meals are all sorted. Breakfasts are muesli or pancakes, so there’s not much preparation there. Most of their lunches and dinners only take two minutes in the microwave. And with snacks included (you add your own fruit and salads), you can’t really go hungry.

We have tried a few diet meal delivery services in the past, and I have to say that dietbon has the best food (the meals are 100% natural). Maybe it’s because they’re French and the French love to eat well. The meals were utterly delicious, and there is a huge array to choose from (over 50). Snacks and desserts were also tasty. I especially love the lemon cake and the chocolate pudding. Though I liked the musesli and pancakes, I didn’t find them that filling, even with some fruit. So I have been having porridge for breakfast (which keep me full until lunchtime).

That first week was tough, especially after the excesses of Christmas. We were probably used to consuming 2,500-3,000 calories daily, and then we went down to about 1,400-1,500 calories a day. We felt hungry every evening, but then grew accustomed to eating less after the fourth day. After the week, I had lost three pounds and Husband had lost five pounds. With that kind of weight loss, we did not want to stop. So, we spent our own money and bought a one-month dietbon plan (Husband and I shared it, and as he didn’t have the lunches, it has lasted for three weeks).

There is a booklet that comes with your plan, and it gives you more information about the dishes as well as recipes ideas. The plan gives you six days of meals each week. That gives you a chance to have a free day where you can cook and get used to making good food choices. You can also choose to receive a complimentary consultation with a qualified dietician to customise your plan.

So far, I have now spent four weeks on dietbon and have lost 11 pounds (Husband has lost one stone!!). We have decided to continue with it for a couple more months. I am determined to lose the majority of this baby weight and feel healthier (while not feeling deprived). If you would like to try dietbon, my readers can use this 20% off code for their one, two and three-month programmes: CALIFORNIANMUMDB.


Lunch & Dinner

Snacks & Desserts

We were given one week of dietbon for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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