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I don’t want my children to become slaves to technology. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned pen and paper. But then again, I am raising modern kids, and modern kids love electronics. So when the lovely folks from Leapfrog offered us the LeapStart system, I was intrigued. I’m always interested in ways to foster my children’s love of learning.

Dubz loves school. He loves learning to read and write, though it is not something that comes easily to him. But he is always happy to give it his best. Long-term readers might remember that Dubz had speech and language delays due to glue ear, which means that he’s only been speaking for about two years. Dubz will be five an a half next month, and I really wanted to give him a little help with his reading.

I wasn’t familiar with LeapStart until recently. It is an interactive learning system, geared for pre-schoolers and primary school children. You can choose books which focus on an array of subjects, including the alphabet, counting, shapes, problem solving, and science. We were sent the Learn to Read Volume 2. In addition to the Leapstart system, we received the sampler book and four other books which cover phonics, sight words, vowels and consonants.

I have to say, Dubz has loved the Leapstart. He has enjoyed picking out which book he wants to work on, and then goes through each page diligently. Sometimes he asks for help. But mostly, he manages to work out the answer himself. It is so important for children to be able to problem solve, and I am quite impressed with how the Leapstart encourages this.

To use the Leapstart, you just need to place a book on the system then use the pen-shaped stylus to start learning. The system does use an American voice, but I cannot argue with that as an American mother. And even if I were British, most British children I know watch American shows and films so it is tough to avoid the accent.

Thank you Leapfrog for sending us the Leapstart. Making learning a fun activity is a guaranteed way to inspire children to love to learn.




We were sent the LeapStart for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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