Making Summer Holiday Memories

A Summer Holiday To Remember

Life is so hectic. And although I am lucky to get to spend a lot of time with my children, the school year is busy. What I’m looking forward to the most this summer is just spending time with them without the rush of school and clubs. We can laze about in pyjamas, spend lazy morning in the garden and have hundreds of picnics. We can visit friends and family and just enjoy yourselves.

I was looking at these photos from the Mayfield Lavender Fields. We went two years ago, but it seems like many years ago. Moozles was five and had just finished Reception, so it was actually her first school summer holiday. Dubz was only 14 months old. That age is such a blur now. He had only been walking for a couple of months. He was so wobbly on his feet. And he didn’t actually walk but run.

Lately I have felt like I am not ‘in the moment’ enough. I am so distracted, and always have so much on my mind. But I don’t want my children to feel like their presence isn’t enough to keep me interested.  So I have been working on it. Yes, I am still taking lots of photos. Yes, I sometimes check Instagram or my emails. But I am also putting my phone down to engage with my children. I am also just watching them. Moozles loves it when I watch her play.

It is so important to spend time with family and fill the summer holiday with lots of wonderful memories. But you don’t have to do anything special. And you don’t have to spend every minute together. You just have to enjoy the time that you do have.

A Summer Holiday To Remember A Summer Holiday To RememberA Summer Holiday To Remember



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  1. I was literally googling and looking at this place the other day, not far from us is it & looks lovely! Great pics & yes, I often need to remind myself to put the phone/tablet down & put all my concentration into Olivia too, get distracted so easily.. XX

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