A Marvellous Time at Marvel Universe Live

A Marvellous Time at Marvel Universe Live

I have mentioned that Dubz has been obsessed with superheroes for the past year. So when I saw an advert for the Marvel Universe Live show, I knew we had to take him. Last weekend we told him that we were having a surprise day out, and we made our way to North Greenwich tube station. In the two-minute walk to the O2, we saw several mini-superheroes. Dubz asked if we were going to a superhero show. The secret was out!

Marvel Universe Live is a fun family show. The show is centred around superheroes trying to find the Cosmic Cube fractals that the baddies are trying to use for no good. Crowd favourites include Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine. Thor’s brother Loki was the head villain and proved quite menacing. Both Dubz and Moozles were quite scared in the beginning and clutched onto me for dear life. But then the Avengers starting kicking, punching and fighting, and my kids were enthralled.

I sometimes get a bit sleepy at family shows, but Marvel Universe Live was full of action. Even my eight year old daughter, who has no interest at all in superheroes, sat open-mouthed watching the show. She loved the pyrotechnics. Dubz enjoyed the show but kept asking for Hulk. And when Bruce Banner turned into Hulk – my boy was thrilled.

My only niggle was the strict food and drink policy at The O2. We had never been to a family show there and did not know that you weren’t allowed any outside refreshments. Having young children means always carrying extra snacks around and we were made to throw away bottles of water, juice boxes, fruit and popcorn. And then after waiting 10 minutes in line to buy food, we had to give up and get our seats. Husband managed to get water and hot dogs at the intermission, but for the princely sum of £30 and the kids were still hungry. Ugh.

The Marvel Universe Live show lasts for about two hours, with a 15-minute intermission in the middle. It is playing at The O2 until the end of September, before moving around Europe. It will then be back in the UK in December, starting in Birmingham. If you have a superhero-obsessed child, or grown-up, at home, book your tickets now!

A Marvellous Time at Marvel Universe Live A Marvellous Time at Marvel Universe Live


We were invited to watch Marvel Universe Live for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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  1. We were invited to review this but Hubby’s parents had already bought tickets for Troy and his cousin to go and see it with them. They had such a great time! x

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