Me and Mine – February 2015

Me and Mine February 2015

We have very few photos of the four of us. This is silly as I have a timer on the SLR and the little camera. It is not tough, but I forget. Month after month, even Christmas. I forget. But since hearing about the Me and Mine Family Portrait Photography Project, I have been determined to join in. I didn’t make it for January. But here we are in our February glory. On the living room sofa, one of our favourite spots. Dubz is not wearing his hat, which is rare, and he doesn’t really look like himself. Moozles is giving her signature toothy/gappy grin.

Dubz will be three in May, but he is as tall as many four-year olds. He is the sweetest, funniest child. This month he was diagnosed with glue ear, which wasn’t a surprise as sometimes you have to speak quite loudly in his face. His sister and daddy have glue ear, so I am used to shouting at home. 😉 And we are waiting on his appointment with the speech therapist (because he doesn’t hear very well, he doesn’t pronounce many sounds very well). But I understand him.

Moozles will be seven in less than two months. I am not sure how that can be. She is growing too quickly. This week was her parent-teacher chat. She is excelling in all subjects. This was not a surprise as she shows me every day how clever she is. She gets that from her daddy. He is the smartest man I know, which is probably why I married him. 😉

If you’d like to join in with this monthly family portrait, head on over to Capture by Lucy. I was lucky enough to meet Lucy at a flower arranging/blogging event yesterday. Not only is she really lovely, but she gave me some great photography tips.


12 thoughts on “Me and Mine – February 2015

  1. Oh thank you for such lovely words and it is so wonderful to have you part of the Me and Mine gang! It doesn’t matter when you join in, it’s just so wonderful to see everyone capturing their family. We wanted this project to be about snapping us all, as we are, remembering everyday life as a family. LOVE the happy grin. Happy snapping lovely family xx ps lush to meet you too, hope we have longer to chat next time xx

  2. Aww lovely photograph. I love looking back at photographs of when I was a little one especially when my front teeth fell out so I’m sure your little girl will love looking back at these photos. Have a super March #meandmine

  3. I know what you mean, I realised at the end of last year that we had a total of three family shots taken in 2014. So this year I’m determined to do better! And this project really helps. This is such a cool, relaxed family portrait. Love it!! xx

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