Monthly Monday Melfie – December 2014

Monthly Monday Melfie

November was a strange month. Between my daughter’s adenoidectomy, my son’s fever/cold, my sinus infection and Husband working weekends/until late every night for two weeks, I feel like we didn’t get to enjoy many days. But the month has passed and we have moved on to the best month of winter: December. But November wasn’t all bad. It mostly involved just hanging out at home with the kids.

Monthly Monday Melfie

November was the month that Dubz turned 2 1/2. The tantrums are growing more infrequent as he becomes better at communicating. He is still hard work. But his happy, sweet nature makes the work worth it. He loves kisses, and demands kisses on his lips, nose and forehead when his father and sister say goodbye. When I leave him, or bid him goodnight, he showers my face in kisses. Oh, how I adore this child!

Please join me for another round of Monthly Monday Melfie. I was so thrilled to see people linking up at the beginning of November for the first instalment of this linky. I hope you all had a good month. And I hope you’ve been getting those phones out and taking selfies with your children. I’ve showed you mine. Now how about showing me yours.



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  1. November sounds like it was a tough month for you guys! Hope your little angel is now feeling much better. Love this monthly Linky and your awesome melfies. Let’s catch up soon xxx

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