Mother-Daughter Weekend in London

Regular readers will know that Moozles and I often have mummy-daughter days. She has always needed a little bit of extra time with me. But then, don’t all children benefit from one-on-one time with a parent? Moozles has been having some friendship issues at school recently and has been feeling quite down about it. I had planned to have a special day, but then the lovely people from Travelodge invited my family for a #LiteracyLegacy visit to London. So I thought that a mummy-daughter weekend would be just the thing to cheer up Moozles. So off to central London we went for a short break.

First stop was to check-in to the hotel and drop off our bags. Then we went to Leicester Square for our Harry Potter walking tour (one of many free walking tours offered by Strawberry Tours). London has a rich history of authors, as well as being the subject and backdrop of many a book. The Harry Potter tour was an example of the literacy legacy of London. The tour was due to last 2 1/2 hours but my girl got side-tracked by Hardy’s Sweet Shop after an hour and a half, and we ran off for some jelly beans. Then we went back to Leicester Square to watch Beauty & The Beast (we both loved it).

Then it was time for dinner. We popped into a little Japanese restaurant for some sushi. Then went to Chinatown for a Chinese meal. We were both feeling full and sleepy after dinner, so hopped into a black cab back to the hotel. It was such a treat not having to take the tube home. And the cab only took five minutes, which made life so much easier.

Although we technically live in London, you have to remember it is a big city. Many families, like us, live in zones 3-4. This means that it normally takes 20-30 minutes to get into central London. By staying in a hotel right in the heart of the city, it means that your travel time is greatly reduced. So even though it might seem strange to have a mini-break in London, when you live here, it actually is quite exciting. And also, as there is so much to do in London, you will be spoiled for activities.

Staying at a Travelodge means that you can afford to travel more and have these mini-breaks with your family. And they have hotels all over the UK, with 32 in London alone. The next morning we enjoyed our hot buffet breakfast and checked out of the hotel so that we could meet Husband and Dubz for more London fun. You can check out my vlog below to see the girlie fun that Moozles and I had.


We were invited to stay with Travelodge and experience London’s #LiteracyLegacy for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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