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My daughter’s teacher calls me ‘Mrs. Moozles’. Obviously she does not know that my daughter’s nickname is Moozles but she uses Moozles’ real name. That’s what all the teachers call us parents. Mrs. John, Mrs. Lucy and Mr. Sophie. Our children’s first names have become our identities. There are 30 children in my daughter’s class. I understand that it would be very tough to learn the names of each student’s parent(s). I wonder what they do in the States, or other countries for that matter. At my daughter’s nursery, the carers would call the parents ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’. I found this quite creepy. At pre-school, at a different nursery, the carers seemed not to want to call us anything. I preferred that.
Here I am. I have given up gainful employment to spend my days as a Stay-At-Home-Mum. And as I have slowly lost my identity I struggle to be ‘more’ than a mum. But everyone reminds me. I am a housewife. I am Mrs. Moozles. But there is more to me. I am a wife. A friend. A sister. An aunt. A daughter and a granddaughter. And now a blogger. I am a good listener, and love giving advice. I am quiet but loud. I love Jane Austen, watching trashy television and baking goodies. I am a terrible cook and detest cleaning. So go ahead, call me Mrs. Mummy, for I know that I am much more.

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  1. Good on your for taking the big step into becoming a SAHM. It’s not an easy job! Sometimes I think it would make for an easier life to have a 9-5 job when you get to come home and relax in the evening. The teachers at my school all call me by my first name, but we have a very small rural school! Popping over from #sharewithme

  2. I used to work 2 days/week and it’s amazing how much easier life was then. At least one place I was treated with respect. haha But obviously I cannot really complain as I am so lucky to be with the kids all the time.

  3. I know what you mean about losing your identity. Its funny that when you meet other mums at baby groups no one ever knows anyone else’s name, its just ‘Lily’s mummy’ or ‘Jimmy’s mummy’ or whatever! I think blogging is really good for us because its an outlet to rediscover ourselves and how we are as people, not just mothers. X #sharewithme

  4. I am also a SAHM…. and the first year of my daughters life I didn’t have a clue who I was anymore…. was the biggest reason why I began blogging, it gave a piece of me back.

  5. Welcome to the SAHM club :0 We have an acronym for everything and more than enough gin to go round :))) p.s. love your big smiley face 🙂 x

  6. It’s weird, cause you spend years working and then all of a sudden you stop and even though you are happy to be a SAHM, you still feel like you’re not quite yourself.

  7. Becoming a full time SAHM is a big change and I can understand feeling swamped by the mummy role. But regardless of what people call you most of the time, there will always be more to you. Enjoy your time at home during these special years. #Sharewithme

  8. Ahhh this is a great post. Way to go you for standing up for yourself as you are much much more than all of those amazing things too. I am so glad you are blogging. In the states, it depends on where you live and what they do, but it’s the same like here. My sister gets called Mom from school which is weird I think, and from the daycare M’s Mom. D’s mom. I get called Mummy from our music class with my two kids, and in swimming it’s B’s Mum MM”s Mum. I can assume it would be hard to remember everyone but now I catch myself calling the other moms in the groups A’s Mom or C’s Mom because i don’t know what to call them either. hahahaha Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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