Mummy Picnic

Mummy Picnic

On Friday I met up with a few mums I had never met before (except for Catherine from Vintage Frills and Emma from Its Mostly Okay). I don’t normally meet up with strangers, but a few weeks ago I decided to organise a mums’ meet-up in Surrey. Unforuntately, due to the torrential rains, I had to postpone the picnic at the last minute, from Wednesday to Friday. I was worried no one would come, but I was pleased that the four ladies above came along with their lovely children. Moozles took this photo – it is surprisingly in focus. The kids had a great time, and us mums got to make some new friends. I am thinking of organising another picnic in September. Hopefully the British weather will be more cooperative (and less British).

From left to right: Ar’nie, Catherine, Me, Emma and Maria.



18 thoughts on “Mummy Picnic

  1. Sounds like a fab idea and it’s always great to find new friends
    Glad the weather held for you guys, hasn’t the weather been bonkers?!

  2. I wish I lived closer, I’d have loved to meet up with you guys. I’m glad the reschedule worked and you had loads of fun xx

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