My Confession

There’s something you all need to know
There’s something I have to get out
My eldest child was a darling,
When she was two, never did she pout
She skipped the terrible twos and threes
She was such an amiable girl
But now that she’s six, oh my,
My life is in an utter whirl

She makes fun of my American accent
She laughs at the way I saw water
She doesn’t listen to what I say
She thinks she’s the mum and I’m the daughter
She screams and shouts and kicks
She even calls me names
Stupid and Poopoo Head
are some of the ways she defames

Me, her dearest mother
Does not know what to do
I am tired of being battered,
Of being left black and blue

I really love my daughter
I’ll probably keep her around for a while
But if she doesn’t stop being an a**hole,
My son will be an only child

Okay, okay, I’m joking
I know that I am blessed
To have healthy children,
Even if they sometimes act possessed

So if you’re ever feeling down
And think you’re in this alone
Your child is not the only monster,
Come to my blog and together we’ll have a moan.

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10 thoughts on “My Confession

  1. Oh my! Sounds like a delightful (hopefully shortlived?) phase!! And that photo – what a face! Great poem Elfa X

  2. I am laughing, whilst thinking I can’t given I have this to come! A lovely poem, especially because it includes my three children’s favourite world (of course it’s ‘poo-poo head’!)

  3. Oh dear πŸ™ Sounds like she is a little monster at the moment! Hope she turns back into that adorable little child again soon!

  4. My little girl (twin) is 27months and a little madam. Already she folds her arms and says no! I’m hoping she’ll soon get over it! A great poem, loved it x

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