My Little Gardener

My Little Gardener

Moozles has been going to Gardening Club for the past two terms. She goes on Wednesdays after school until 4.30pm. Not only does it mean that I don’t have to battle the other parents for a parking spot at 3.30pm, but Moozles gets to have a lot of fun. This week they picked lettuce. It took me ages to clean the lettuce, there was so much dirt on it plus a slug. I don’t like dirt, and I certainly don’t like slugs. I’m glad that Moozles likes dirt. She was so proud and couldn’t wait to eat her lettuce. I am not a gardener, not in the slightest, so it is actually quite nice that my girl is so interested in it.

My Little Gardener My Little Gardener


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16 thoughts on “My Little Gardener

  1. Ew grim slug. Good on her for enjoying it. I wonder if I can encourage N to take up gardening at school too. Get him trained up to then do our garden because I hate gardening and just don’t do it. The only reason he likes lettuce is because they grew them at nursery last year!

  2. Oh that’s really good, so satisfying for kids to grow their own food and it makes them more keen to eat salad too. I really need to get around to doing this with my two.

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