My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars

The thing about having a blog, is that you sometimes have to censor what you share. In the first six months of blogging, I use to write about everything. But I now worry about seeming too braggy. I know I am lucky. I have a great life. But I know that not all my readers have the same kind of happiness. But does that mean I should play down the happy moments, or omit them from the blog? So I have decided to share more happy moments on my blog.

A few weeks ago I had my parent-teacher chat with Moozles’ teacher. Moozles is doing really well in school. Really well. But I didn’t tell anyone, other than Husband. But I got the kids ice cream after school to celebrate. Quietly. But here I am. Trying not be braggy. But being so proud of my girl. She works so hard. She loves learning. And I am so lucky. What makes you feel lucky and proud?


10 thoughts on “My Lucky Stars

  1. Your first paragraph just completely summed up why I wanted to start this linky in the first place! Just that. What a wonderful clever girl and what an amazing celebration! Thanks for linking to #countluckystars xx

  2. I know how you feel – the Internet is a funny old place where people can take offence to literally ANYTHING! Hope you enjoyed your ice creams xxx

  3. I have just posted about Harry’s parents evening last week and I feel a bit braggy about it. It’s hard isn’t it because you want to celebrate your children and their successes.

  4. It’s such a hard one isn’t it? I wrote a post about my 5yo a while ago and I was so worried it would come across as braggy, and caveated it so much! But, really, we just want to celebrate these little moments don’t we, when we’re so proud we could burst!

  5. I totally get where you’re coming from on the braggy front. As writing a travel blog sometimes makes me think people don’t want to read about me gallivanting here there and everywhere. But do you know what, I never think that when I read posts from proud parents. Because we are all allowed to be happy and pleased. Personally, it makes nice reading. #CountLuckyStars

  6. It’s for this exact reason that my linky #loudnproud was born! I am so fed up of feeling too embarrassed to brag. You share these wonderful moments on your blog…..and link up to Loud ‘n’ Proud in the future too 😉 It’s Thursdays and I rotate the hosting between four bloggers. It really is a perfect excuse to be ‘braggy’! Sounds like you have every right to be super proud of your girl. x

  7. Oh well done wee Moozles!! I get so excited when kids thrive at school. There is so much negative press around education and it’s lovely to hear a positive side too! Xx

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