My Rainbow Cake Triumph

my rainbow cake triumph

I am no domestic goddess. But I do like to bake. Nothing too fancy. My skills are quite basic to intermediate. But for my daughter’s seventh birthday party last weekend, I knew I wanted to make her a rainbow cake. It looked kinda difficult, but I thought I would give it a go. So I spent last Friday night and Saturday night baking and icing this bad boy. And on Sunday, when Husband cut into the cake, there was a chorus of oohs and ahhs from 19 children. What a gratifying sound. Moozles said it was her favourite part of the party. The cake took a lot of time, and I felt so stressed making it, but it was worth it.

Happy birthday to my darling daughter. She is the smartest, sassiest seven year old I know.

my rainbow cake triumph




21 thoughts on “My Rainbow Cake Triumph

  1. OMG what an AMAZING cake!

    Please me link up your photos at Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday). This week’s linkup can be found at httcop://
    I hope to see you each week!

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