My So-Called Perfect Life

For the most part, I find Twitter to be a good representation of life. There are good times, and there are tough times. Facebook, on the other hand, seems to be full of happy perfect lives. Children are always well-behaved and gifted. Friends have either lost all their baby weight three weeks after giving birth, or else they are on holiday every month. Husbands are always buying their wives designer handbags and cars with giant bows on them. I mean, where do you even find a giant bow that doesn’t look too small on an SUV? Is there a specialist website? Do car dealers keep them in the back room to help close the deal with these generous husbands?

But I digress. Life is not all caviar and champagne. Not even if you can afford caviar and champagne every day. Life is tough enough without having to compete and live up to a life that no one is actually living. Some of the statuses reek of sadness and insecurity. I use Facebook to communicate with my friends and family who are all over the world. I love looking at their photos and seeing what is happening in their lives. 

But come on Facebook friends, let’s take a break from these exaggerated status updates. Tell your so-called friends what life is really like. What’s really on your mind? ‘My husband leaves his dirty pants on the floor’, ‘my child is three years old and still wears nappies’, ‘I am three stone overweight’, ‘I haven’t showered in three days’ – these are just some of the status updates we might see. Not from me obviously, my life really IS perfect.


And then the fun began...

23 thoughts on “My So-Called Perfect Life

  1. I absolutely know what you mean but find Pinterest even worse for that. I’m almost loathed to go on there as I know I’ll become morbidly fascinated by all those picture perfect lives and leave feeling like a complete failure – but then again, it’s so pretty…..

  2. Haha I love this. Looks like my home 24/7. Glad I am not the only one. Thanks for sharing to make us all feel better about ourselves. Pinterest is amazing I love it and am obsessed but at the same time I wonder why can’t I be one of those domestic crafty amazing mothers/wives do all this amazing stuff! I love shiny and pretty but I am far from it myself. hahaha Great post. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me. i am loving your blog. #sharewithme

  3. Omg! That photo could have been taken at my house, it currently looks like a toy bomb has gone off in the living room lol Great post! #sharewithme

  4. This is so true! Great post hun the picture looks quite similar to mine at the moment x #sharewithme x

  5. hahaha! my friend and I talk about this all the time! Some people’s kids rooms look like catalogue snaps and it gets us down. so … a great fat THANKS for sharing this post 🙂

    I’ve popped on over from #sharewithme and would love you to come say hi at too 🙂 xx

  6. I do hate myself after every facebook session cuz they are successful and I am not =( it is a bit toxic aint it? no let me rephrase that.. it is a lot of toxic!

  7. Ha ha! Sounds like you need to unfriend some of the “cars with bows” people! I have to admit I have a tendency to only post cheery or funny stuff as I don’t want my rants or bad days on public record! I mean, I’m never grumpy or rant…:) Your sitting room is pretty tidy by our standards – you can still see floor!xx

  8. I probably do keep more ranty things for twitter, and more cheery stuff for facebook. But it’s the constant bragging that annoys me. If I had to unfriend ‘cars with bows’ people, I would lose 1/4 of my friends. haha

  9. Down with perfect lives! How boring anyway?

    Sometimes I find everybody’s so called perfect life on FB and Instagram a bit depressing. Then I have to remind myself that those photos/statuses are not a totally true reflection of people’s lives – just the parts they wish to share.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  10. Ha! So true – have to admit I’ve almost unfriended a couple of people for this, the ‘I’m in the first class lounge at Heathrow, again’ posts become a bit wearing 🙂 I don’t really post to my personal Facebook much anymore, birthdays and Christmas is about it, my close friends read my blog instead! #thetruthabout

  11. Great post, hun! Yep, my hubby leaves his dirty clothes on the floor and my 4 year old is still in nappies at night! My living room at the minute looks far worse than yours but hey ho, happy times 🙂

  12. Oh crumbs you’re so right. I’m as bad as the next person for filtering out the crap stuff to an extent, but there seems to be such a lot of ‘oh my life is perfect, dahling’ and it gets wearing after a while. I have given up on Pinterest completely for this reason, too much perfection is not good for a girl’s self esteem I find! #thetruthabout

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