My Sunday Photo From Kew Gardens

My Sunday Photo From Kew Gardens

Aww, look at my sweet girl. I was kindly asked to be one of the brand ambassadors for Stamptastic (more of that to come), and they invited us to a day out in Kew Gardens this weekend. After a land-train ride around the grounds, we went on the Treetop Walkway. Located 18-metre high, the walkway made us feel like we were in the sky with the birds (and the airplanes). I was so proud of Moozles walking all the way up the steps, and not being scared or nervous about being so high. She was an anxious toddler, but she has been so brave the past few years. And now that she is seven, I am really starting to see a glimpse of the person she is becoming.




6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo From Kew Gardens

  1. Ah bless her – I have a wee nervous one too. I hope you had a lovely day at Kew Gardens, I was sad I couldn’t be there 🙁

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