My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016

My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016Forget new year’s resolutions. It’s cold and dark, and all I can think about are  next year’s holidays. I am not even thinking about sunny holidays lounging in the sun. I just love getting out of London and visiting new places. As an American expat, there are still so many places in the UK that I haven’t yet visited. So I thought I would share some of the beautiful UK cities, brimming with culture, that I would like to visit in 2016.

My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016

Bristol – I have been wanting to visit Bristol for ages, and hopefully 2016 will be the year we visit. As a family, there is so much for us to see. There is an open-top bus tour around the city, which takes about an hour. We recently took a bus tour around London and loved it. After the bus tour, we could visit the At-Bristol Science Centre. There are loads of hands-on exhibits and shows for the entire family to enjoy. Afterwards we could walk around the harbour and take in the lovely sights. Stop at Stable Pizza for one of their amazing pizza or pies.

No visit to Bristol would be complete without exploring Clifton Village and seeing the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Whilst in Clifton, the kids would love a visit to Bristol Zoo Gardens. Lions, seals, gorillas, oh my!

My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016

York – Once a year, Husband and I manage to have a weekend to ourselves, and I think that York would make a romantic kid-free city-break destination. Though there seem to be a lot of family-friendly activities there, Husband and I are desperate for some alone time. We could start off by climbing the steep steps of Clifford’s Tower (it is all that is left of York Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror). After working up an appetite, we could have afternoon tea at Bettys. The scones and cakes look amazing. We could also go for a walk through York’s alleyways, passageways and ginnels which sounds quite quaint. Whilst walking around, I could drag take Husband into the many antique shops.

My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016

Colchester – I’ve recently learnt that Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town. That’s a lot of history. And there would be no better place to begin than at Colchester Castle (a Norman castle dating from 1016). My kids love visiting castles, especially my three year old son, Dubz, who loves knights. There are family events, creepy vaults and dressing up. Dubz and Moozles would also enjoy visiting Colchester Zoo. We all love animals, especially elephants and giraffes. Plus a huge soft play and playgrounds for when Husband and I need a rest. While in Colchester, I wouldn’t mind going for a ride on a narrow boat. These boats are such a charming part of British history and I think the kids (and their American mother) would get a kick out of a boat ride. We could then enjoy Sunday Lunch at the Church Street Tavern (it sounds delicious and they even have a kids menu).


So these are the three UK cities that I am hoping to visit in 2016. They are full of culture, fun and beauty. Have you been to any of these three cities? Any tips to share?


*Photo credit: top photo, Carolyn Eaton




8 thoughts on “My UK Travel Wishlist for 2016

  1. I lived in Bristol for 5 months (also an American expat), and I loved it! Check out Cabot Circus, and also a boat tour, great way to see a bit more.

  2. I must do Bristol too next year – we live so near now! I have never been and you’ve made it sounds fab! York is beautiful you would love it. We are going to try and go abroad next year too as we’ve never taken the twins…feels the right time now! Happy new year love Jess xx

    1. We’re not particularly close to Bristol or York, but hopefully we will visit both. We still haven’t gotten our son a passport, but maybe this will be the year for his first international travel. Eek. Happy new year Jess! xx

  3. I’ve lived in the UK for 20 years and still not made it to York! It’s very high on my UK travel list. This years we visited the Isles of Scilly – which are wonderful you HAVE to go. With the sub tropical climate and aqua blue waters, you would think you were in the Caribbean!

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