Netflix Gems for this Half-Term

Netflix Gems for this Half-term

For those of you who follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I have a severe Netflix addiction. And when Netflix asked me to join their StreamTeam, I was over the moon. So I thought I would share some of the films and shows my family and I will be watching during the half-term. Although we have some activities and play dates planned, we will have several afternoons that need to be filled with a quiet and chilled activity for both a seven-year old and a three-year old.

For my daughter:
Mia and Me – Moozles is obsessed with this show. It starts off as a live action, then transforms into a cartoon. And it’s about fairies. There is only one season but Moozles has watched this season a few times.
Spy Kids – Moozles wants to be a spy, but who doesn’t?! She enjoys all the Spy Kids films but the original is the best.
For my son:
Dinosaur Train – we recently bought a DVD for this show, and I have only just realised they have all the episodes on Netflix.
Mother Goose Club – Dubz has watched one of these nursery rhymes on YouTube (The Grand Old Duke of York) and it will be good to watch a few songs.
For the family:
Meet the Robinsons – we all love this film. And I cry every time I see it. It is one of our favourite family films. And there’s even a dinosaur in it for a few minutes.
Adventures in Zambezia – we haven’t watched this yet but looks like a cute film about an adventurous young falcon.
Husband and me:
Community – I love this American comedy. We are on Season five and still find it hilarious.
Daredevil – we have watched the first two episodes and are already hooked. I love a good bit of action, and this has great storylines to boot.
For me:
Once Upon A Time – I am currently on Season three, and am loving it. I love the fairy tale aspect, and it is just so fun to watch. There are four seasons and I have been watching two or three each week, when Husband is working late.
Begin Again – I remember seeing trailers for this film when it was in cinemas. Being a mum of two small children means that I do not get to see more than six films per year at the cinema, so I am so pleased that I can now watch this on Netflix. If only I could get Husband to watch it with me.

Will you be taking breaks next week to watch some Netflix? What will you be watching?


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I am on the Netflix #StreamTeam but am not obliged to write any posts about their programming.


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