Night Out With Husband

Night Out With Husband

Quite often my blog is ‘Dubz this’ and ‘Moozles that’, but this week I wanted to write a little post about Husband. Recently we have been so busy that we haven’t been having our monthly date nights. In fact, we haven’t had one since March. This week we had a friend visiting from the USA, so we left the kids with the babysitter and we went out on a school night. That’s right, a school night.

We had a great time catching up with our friend. And yes, I love a good cocktail. But it was also nice just being out away from the kids and not talking about them all night. It was a huge reminder how important it is for us to go out on a regular basis, with or without friends. Sometimes, when you’re a parent you forget about who you are outside of work and home.

But we all need nights outs. I love a Friday night on the sofa watching Netflix. Who doesn’t?! But sometimes it is nice to hang out with your partner, whilst wearing a bra and proper clothes (and not just pajamas). And when you’ve brushed your hair and are wearing clean clothes? Your partner is as pleased as when you used to wear tight dresses and high heels (I actually used to!). And yes you can have dates at home, but there is something about leaving the house which encourages you to focus on more than just your children and the errands that you need to run. Do you make the time to go on regular dates with your partner? Or do you make dates at home work for you?

Night Out With Husband Night Out With Husband



12 thoughts on “Night Out With Husband

  1. Yes indeed, very important to make time for each other and somehting Mrs Adams and I need to do more often. That said, I’ve never worn a tight dress and I certainly don’t sit on the sofa wearing a bra. Ever. #MySundayPhoto

  2. I’m glad you got to enjoy a night out, but on a school night? I’m quite shocked 😉

    We rarely get out on our own, we really do need to try and do it more often though xx

  3. Ah this is lovely, it’s so important to have some time just the two of you. We went out on a date night last week too! x

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