Oh the British, Heatwave

Oh the British, in the SummerGrowing up in Northern California, I was used to plenty of sunshine. But people are not so lucky in the UK. And when the weather gets hot, they go a little crazy. And by ‘a bit crazy’, I mean the lose their minds and go CRAY-ZEE. And Brits keep talking about the sun having its hat on, whatever that means.

I have previously written about some eccentricities of Brits as well offering some American-British translation, but I thought I’d focus a post on the heatwave (happening this week). If you are new to the UK, please be warned. And if you have been living in the UK for many years, as I have, you may even begin to start acting a bit heat-crazy yourself.

1. British people start stripping off. From very large men in too-small shorts walking down the road, to my kids refusing to wear clothes at home. You would think it was 40C, but it’s only 27C.Oh the British Heatwave

2. All meals are eaten outside. In the garden, the BBQ becomes king. Or else you have a picnic on any patch of grass you can find.

Oh the British, HeatwaveOh the British, in the Summer

3. It’s an excuse for drinking even more alcohol than usual, preferably outside. And Brits love drinking booze in tins.

Oh the British, in the Summer Oh the British, in the Summer

4. Gardens are turned into waterparks. Health and safety be damned.

Oh the British, in the Summer Oh the British, in the Summer

5. All meals consist of sausages and ice cream.Oh the British, HeatwaveOh the British, in the Summer

6. British people will drive hours to the nearest beach. Who cares if the sand is covered in pebbles and the ocean is too cold to swim in. They’re going to the beach, dammit.

Oh the British, in the Summer

7. And then the rains come, and are often accompanied by thunder and lightning and even hail.

Oh the British, in the Summer



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30 thoughts on “Oh the British, Heatwave

  1. It’s really interesting to see how british people react to heat waves. This will be my first summer in UK and being brazilian I’m used to this kind of temperatures (or higher) for several months every year, but while I always hated it back in Brazil, I kind of enjoy it here – maybe because I know it won’t last forever, haha.

      1. I’m enjoying it so far after all these cold months, but I’m waiting for the summer temperatures to see if I will still enjoy it in the end 🙂
        (and PLEASE let it be lots of rain afterwards! I miss thunderstorms!)

  2. Oh, and the first time I saw a heat wave notice, I laughed. The temperature wouldn’t even reach the 30 celsius. I was used to reach almost 40 without major warnings from the government, weather people or whatever.

      1. I wish everything would shut down in Brazil too! Keeping going with life in this temperature is a nightmare 🙁

  3. He hee! I just love (hate) the fact that people like to moan about how we never get ‘a summer’ and then bitch continuously about it being too hot! Can’t please some people! I can’t even imagine how much of a comedown all this must be compared to Northern California. *sob*! Xx

  4. This is hilarious and so, so true! Our nearest beach is 90 mins away, we always make the garden into a waterpark and don’t get me started on the BBQ! x

  5. Hahaha this is all so true! God its almost painful but we do bloody love to talk about the weather .. i do it and it drives me bonkers! We currently have a bucket in the garden for olivia, no water park facilities just yet 🙂 xx

  6. The schools go mental as well with headteachers issuing alerts and warnings and requiring kids to come to school with sun cream, hats and extra water. It’s funny because I got a letter home for one of my kids saying they are taking all precautions so as not to overheat the children. A few have been off school due to sun stroke. They say they will keep all windows open (schools don’t have aircon) But my daughter’s classroom is in the science lab and there are NO windows! No idea how they are dealing with that one!!

  7. Love this. Very good indeed. We’ve turned the garden in to a water park and having lots of picnics at Waddesdon and the zoo. Was thinking of the beach this morning but not sure I have the stomach for it on my own. Great read and had me smiling lots xxx

  8. Oh so true…I used to live in Australia where the weather was regularly much hotter than here, but it’s part of the lifestyle. We do like to get over excited about anything to do with weather, and it’s not even that extreme. Fab post xx

  9. I am also a California mother living in London for many years now. I grew up in Southern California where such temperatures were routine! I have just returned to London from an expat assignment in Mumbai for five years where such temperatures were routine as well! It’s lovely to see the fuss over the heat – my MIL keeps telling me not to walk anywhere as its hot for walking!:)

  10. Ha ha ha!! You are SO right, it is crazy behaviour. And we moan incessantly about how HOT it is…when we’ve been moaning that it is so cold. Madness! Love these photographs and the post, you’re spot on. Bring on UK summers!! 😉 Jess xx

  11. O man, great post! As an Oregonian I can kind of relate — we never get many good beach days, even in summer. I am an expat now, living in Nicaragua, where it’s ALWAYS hot. I also wanted to turn on UK expats to a great service that can get your packages shipped anywhere, even if the company itself doesn’t ship outside the UK. http://www.myukmailbox.com is super handy!

    Thanks for the good read.

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