One of Those Weeks

This past week has been rough. My 21-month old had a weird temperature/tummy bug/lack of appetite/needy thing. My five-year old has woken up at 6am three times which means she was extra tired and cranky on all the other days. 

I’m exhausted and cranky. I’m feeling undervalued. I’m feeling like a terrible mum. As parents, we are constantly putting ourselves last. At least when I worked part-time, I could have adult time and feel like a human being. I could also take the occasional half-day or day off for some pampering or shopping or ‘me’ time. But now that I’m a SAHM, I rarely get away for more than half an hour. At the weekend we prefer to spend time as a family so I would feel guilty trying to do things on my own.

So, what do I do? How do other Stay-At-Home-Parents get time on their own? Although my daughter goes to school, my son doesn’t go to nursery. My mom lives in Florida, and my in-laws live a two-hour drive away. How can I get some of ‘me’ back so I can feel bit more human? Or should I start applying for part-time jobs right away?

4 thoughts on “One of Those Weeks

  1. Sending some sympathy vibes your way! We all have weeks like this and thankfully they pass and not every day/week feels like this!! I think you should try and get some time at a weekend, even if just a couple of hours, it will do you the world of good! You should not feel guilty about that as its for the sake of your sanity! I’m sure its better for your husband too to have you feel happier 🙂 a bit of me time and some sleep always helps! You should read this too 🙂

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