Organise Your Shopping With Trolley Bags

Organise Your Shopping With Trolley Bags

I go grocery shopping about four or five times a week. I wish I could do just one weekly shop, but alas I have a small fridge/freezer and a tiny kitchen. So I have to make regular shopping trips to make sure my always-hungry children have enough food. I have a few random shopping bags in different shapes and sizes, but I seem to need so many of them just for a small shop. Recently, the people over at Trolley Bags asked if I would like to review their bags. I had a look online and decided that this might just be what I needed to have a more organised food shop.

Because I rarely do a huge food shop, I ordered the Express Trolley Bags (and in the pastel colours as I thought they looked pretty). Anyway, their normal bags are quite deep and fit the big trolleys so the express bags fit into the shallow trolleys. I’ve taken them on a few grocery trips now, and I am quite pleased with them.

The Trolley Bags are colour-coded, and the bags are all different sizes, which helps when you’re putting your groceries into them at the supermarket checkout. I put the heavy items like milk and beer in the yellow bag; meat and vegetables in the blue bag; fruit and bread in the green bag; and paper towels and eggs in the grey bag. The bags are made of a strong mesh material on the bottom, which means they can hold more groceries than you expect.

The Trolley Bags are propped open in the trolley, which makes it easier to load. I have even had a checkout lady and a customer comment on the bags and how easy it looked for me to pack up the groceries. Although I did find that one shop had weird, narrow trolleys and the bags did not fit in well there. But the bags fit most narrow trolleys. And when you get home, it is easier to unpack your bags (I keep my fridge and freezer items in the yellow and blue bags). And when the bags are not in use, they roll up and have a velcro to keep them neatly together (mine live in the boot of my car, ready for another shopping trip). These are really fab shopping bags, and at £19.99, they are a bargain considering how much more organised your shopping trips will now be.

Organise Your Shopping With Trolley Bags Organise Your Shopping With Trolley Bags Organise Your Shopping With Trolley Bags


We were sent the trolley bags for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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